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Tritium DC Fast Charger⚡Public & Fleet Installers: Newcastle

The Tritium DC Fast Charger is an electric vehicle charger designed for public charging stations and commercial fleet charging. Charge your EV up to 150kW.

Modular, scalable, and the first of its kind.

Introducing the PKM150, Tritium’s unique approach to a modular and scalable direct current (DC) fast charging system designed for more cost-effective operations and infrastructure deployment. The PKM150 is the first charger in the PKM line and the first charger that enables Tritium’s shared power system, designed to reduce customers’ capital investment while maintaining high charger availability and power output to EVs.

Tritium PKM150 commercial EV Charger Installation
tritium PKM150 ev charger commercial fleet public charger

Single Vehicle Charging: 150KW Simultaneous Charging: 2 x 75kW

CCS: 150-920VDC
CHAdeMO: 50-500VDC

Single Vehicle Charging: up to 350A

Simultaneous Charging: up to 400A (2 x 200A)

IP65 (NEMA 3R), IK10

Maximum 65dB (variable under load)

-35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F) (with derating)

Tritium Charging is a company that specialises in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. They design, develop, and manufacture charging stations for electric cars, electric buses, and other electric vehicles. Tritium Charging focuses on providing fast and efficient charging solutions to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

This capable commercial electric vehicle charger can charge up to two vehicles at the same time at 75 kW. This is especially useful for public stations where time is a priority to get customers in and out as fast as possible. The Tritium DC's rapid rate of charging allows for easy and convenient charging to electric vehicle owners. In the same size of a traditional fuel pump, the Tritium fast charger does not need a separate power cabinet, allowing for flexible installation layouts.


1998mm (H) x 850mm (W) x 309mm (D)
(79" x 34" x 12")

Up to 335kg (739lbs) depending on configuration

360 / 240 / 180 / 120 kW
(Upgradable with extra modules)


Up to 6 m Integrated cable retraction system

OCPP v.1.6J

tritium fleet charger installation 150kw newcastle
Tritium PKM150 Installation fast DC charger tomago

We Provide Expert Commercial Fast Charger Installations

Luke, one of the on-site installers, expressed how proud he was of the result of the installation and how it turned out. He emphasised the value of being actively involved in the transition towards the future of transportation.

This impressive Tritium RTM75 charger looks fantastic and provides Ampcontrol's fleet and employees with the convenience and high-speed power to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously. The customised faceplate on the Tritium charger features stunning graphics, including the AmpControl logo, with an orange and white design that complements the company's branding.

Public and Fleet Electric Vehicle Charging for Newcastle, Maitland, and the Hunter.

Our Thornton-based team service the entire Newcastle and Hunter region, providing quality Electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses to supercharge their fleets, or to install high powered charging for their public charging stations. We install Tritium DC Fast chargers all over Newcastle and the Hunter providing commercial buildings with fast EV Charging infrastructure. Our qualified installers can design, plan, and install a complete EV Charging system, completely custom to your requirements and property.

Commercial Charging

Tritium DC fast charger has been designed for the energy requirements of fleet charging and depots. With its quick and efficient installation, it allows for custom layouts that can be flexible for your needs.

Retail Charging

Shopping centres can take advantage of its high-capacity charging, that is uniquely designed for curbside and frontal parking, perfect for centre layouts for convenient charging for customers.

Refueling Stations

As Tritium DC fast charger is Australian-made and is perfect for drive-through styled charging with the ability to charge 2 cars at the same time, perfect for fuel stations. 

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