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We install Energy Renaissance battery storage all over the Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter regions, helping commercial properties with backup energy requirements, as well as solar storage for excess energy.

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Energy Renaissance was founded in 2015 by a unique and experienced team of individuals and partners out of a passion to change the face of manufacturing and renewables in Australia to power a sustainable future.

They design, build and sell lithium-ion batteries that are safe, affordable, optimised for hot climates and deliver a positive environmental and social impact. Their first facility in Tomago, NSW (‘Renaissance One’) manufactures, sells and supports high-performance lithium ion batteries with several distinct advantages.

Renaissance superRack™ Outdoor

The Renaissance superRack™ has designed from scratch to provide quicker installation, easier maintenance, and safety.

The superRack™ is built to last outdoors, whilst also being transportable and modular for scability. With its impressive IP rating, it can be placed and provide storage for a variety of locations.

Powered by superBMS™ and supported by superEMS™

10-year performance

Durable industrial design, made for hot and harsh climates

Air cooling, fire suppression, and pressure safety vent
Renaissance SuperRack™ Outdoor

Renaissance SuperRack™

Renaissance SuperRack™

The superRack™ has been built to provide a range of power for a range of requirements. With its modular scability in its multi-rack system, you can scale to your requirements quickly and safely.

Powered by superBMS™ and supported by superEMS™

10-year performance

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Air cooling, fire suppression, and pressure safety vent

Energy Renaissance batteries are designed to be long-lasting, with 10-year warranty on both superRack™ indoor and outdoor units. Energy Renaissance use cybersecure, Australian-made software to ensure that your battery is protected, as well as air-cooled ventilation, with the outdoor model including pressure safety vents, fire suppression to ensure your units are well-protected in harsh conditions.

Units are designed for commercial and industrial applications to power properties and buildings with high-capacity storage. These units are transportable, and the outdoor unit offers a durable industrial design.

Certified Energy Renaissance Installers

Elite Power Group are Newcastle's trusted Energy Renaissance battery installers and technicians, providing reliable, Australian-made battery storage to all commercial and industrial properties across, Maitland, Newcastle, and the Hunter.

Energy Renaissance team working on a project
Energy Renaissance

Who are Energy Renaissance?

Energy Renaissance is an Australian company that specialises in providing clean energy solutions through the use of advanced technologies. The company primarily focuses on the development and deployment of advanced energy storage systems and microgrids, which can be integrated with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to provide reliable, sustainable power.

Their capabilities also extend to smart grid solutions that allow utilities to improve grid operations, increase energy efficiency, and integrate more renewable energy sources into the grid. The company also specialises in providing energy management software that allows customers to monitor and control their energy usage in real-time. 

What are some of the benefits of investing in a Solar Battery?

Reduced Energy Bills

By using stored solar energy during peak times, homeowners can reduce their reliance on the grid and lower their energy bills. In some cases, homeowners may be able to completely eliminate their energy bills by using solar energy and battery storage.

Increased Energy Independence

Using solar energy and battery storage allows for more energy independence. They are no longer reliant on the grid for their energy needs and can generate their own electricity even during power outages

Improved Energy Efficiency

Using solar battery storage can also help improve energy efficiency. By storing excess solar energy during the day, you can use it at night when energy consumption is typically higher. This can help reduce overall energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using solar energy and battery storage is an environmentally friendly choice that can help reduce a homeowner's carbon footprint. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, homeowners can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Newcastle's Leading Energy Renaissance Battery Installers

As Newcastle's leading Solar and Battery Installers, we pride ourselves in being expert installers of Energy Renaissance battery storage for businesses all over Newcastle, Maitland, Port Macquarie, Port Stephens, Cessnock and more.

If you'd like to know more about our battery solutions, we'd love to have a chat.

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