Ground Mount Solar Panel Installations

Elite Power Group are your Thornton-based leaders in ground mount solar panel systems, servicing all over Newcastle city, and the Hunters' vast land with quality commercial and residential solar solutions. Choose a solar installer who not only has expertise in rooftop solar, but has over 20+ years' experience in a broad variety of custom solar solutions for homes and businesses.

Why Install a Ground Mount Solar System?

Ground mount solar systems not only offer additional panel locations to roof space, but they provide to a few more added benefits for properties across Newcastle and the Hunter to take advantage of.

Infinite Scalability
Property owners who want to take advantage of unused paddocks or large areas have the opportunity to grow solar systems well beyond what a rooftop system could offer.

Ground mount solar system
solar panels on ground mount

Taking Advantage of Available Sunlight

Some rooftops in the Hunter can suffer from mild tree-coverage which in turn, can negatively impact the rate of solar production your house or building can provide.
Ground mount systems allow property owners to place solar panels in areas with no obstruction for optimal photovoltaic performance.

Location Flexibility

Due to the customisable nature of ground mount solar systems, they can be installed in any orientation, and at any tilt for the optimal performance for your location.
These systems can be placed anywhere and added-to, only being limited by the amount of space available.

Optimal Accessibility for Maintenance

Because ground mount solar systems are, well, on the ground.. They are often much easier to maintain than rooftop systems, for both the owner and the installer.
Owners can clean their solar panels easier and more frequently when panels are on the ground, as well as being easier for installers and service technicians to maintain and provide solar health checkups or replacements.

Aesthetic or Risk Preferences
Installing solar panels on rooftops can put your roof at risk of damage as solar mounting needs to be drilled in to properly secure the panels. Another reason why ground mount may be better for you is the simple aesthetic preference. Some may just not like having panels on their rooftop and prefer them on the ground, somewhere out of site.

off-grid ground mount solar

Ground Mount Solar Trackers

There is a future-like technology that is available called 'Solar trackers' which can increase energy generation by up to 3-8%. Trina's SuperTrack has a self-learning system that makes decisions based on algorithms to ensure your solar is at its optimal performance.

These are made for ground mount systems for simple tilt tracking that can track from East to West which is the sun's path in New South Wales. These ground mount tracking systems automatically follow the sun, providing you with the maximum energy possible.

trina tracker solar solar farm trina tracker ground mount

Agrivoltaics and Ground Mount Solar

Agrivoltaics refers to the combination of agriculture and solar (photovoltaic) technology. It allows for the coexistence of solar power generation and agricultural activities, intertwined on the same land creating a mutually beneficial system.

The combination of ground mount solar modules and farm land allows for multiple benefits, such as using the land to its full efficiency - maximising its production in all areas, provides shade, and contribute to the properties' sustainability by generating clean energy, making it a popular option for farm owners that want to take full advantage of the system.

The renewable energy not only attributes to overall savings, but can help power irrigation systems, farm equipment, or stored in batteries for renewable energy consumption during the night.

Ground mount solar fits into agrivoltaics perfectly as it not only solves the scalability problem of limited rooftop solar, but also creates shade for farm animals and limits water evaporation from the soil. This could be a great option to harness free energy and shade fragile crops.