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Commercial & Industrial Battery Storage Solutions

We are Thornton-based commercial battery storage installers, helping businesses maximise their solar benefits with quality energy storage solutions. Our consultation, design, and installation are all completed by in-house professional CEC accredited battery installers who can help you in finding the best energy storage solution for your business.

Great Return on Investment

Supercharge your business with increased returns of your solar system. Store excess energy and consume cheap, sustainable energy.

Save huge on Energy bills

Maximise your savings from solar by storing excess energy for use in peak demand periods instead of expensive grid energy.

Be Reliant on Secure Energy

Protect yourself from grid failures with backup energy storage and continue to consume energy at night from the solar produced that day.

Take Control of Your Energy Consumption & Bill

If you are a medium to large property, or just a high-consumption property in general, your energy bills will be through the roof. We genuinely want to help businesses find the best solution to help lower their overall operational costs.

Because we are based in the Industrial section of Thornton, we see a lot of opportunity for businesses to take advantage of their roof space and energy production potential. Battery storage allows businesses to become dependent on self-sustainable energy, in-which greatly reduces grid consumption and electricity bills.

Experience the ultimate commercial energy solution with Solar and Battery Storage for your business.

Newcastle's Custom Battery Enclosures

We can provide custom battery enclosures to suit you and your energy needs. These battery systems can be scaled to the preferred sizes, as the batteries are rack mounted and have the ability to be upgraded.

Our Industrial Battery Storage solutions can be uniquely customised to what your Business needs, whether it be outdoor or indoor, large or small capacity, and controlled temperatures for cooling, and even heating.

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Battery Storage Cabinet

Custom enclosures (within ability)

Custom sized enclosures to suit your requirements.

B&R Electrical Enclosures

Access and design to custom enclosures to fit battery modules.

HVAC Ventilation

Automatic cooling and heating solutions for each unit.

Custom Plinths

Customisable plinth solutions to support the battery units.

Custom Sizing

Designed to your custom requirements.

What are the Benefits to Switching to Commercial Solar?

Reduce Your Consumption

Reduce your grid energy consumption by using battery storage to store the energy produced throughout the day, to power your business at night and through blackouts.

Increase Your Property's Value

Your business' property value is boosted by battery and solar Installations as the property can now be supported by sustainable energy.

High Reliability and Low Maintenance

Battery storage is a reliable source of energy as the batteries themselves are a low maintenance system and do not require constant attention, instead they continue to store solar power and low tariff prices to be used at high tariff times, all automatically.

Battery Suppliers We Work With

We work with a range of battery suppliers who provide quality battery storage systems for commercial use. 
Elite Power Group aren't only CEC accredited battery installers, but we are certified brand installers with feature companies such as Tesla, and leading installers for brands like Energy Renaissance, BYD, and more.

Our Expert Technicians don't just install battery systems, but have the ability to fully integrate Australian-made Energy Renaissance batteries units into your energy system for complete energy security and independence.

Powerplus energy battery storage system BYD battery systems newcastle energy renaissance battery storage systems

Elite Power Group work with a variety of clients, including State Governments, LGA's, and Commercial Entities.

We have worked with the NSW Government in the Smart Energy Schools Pilot Project which is a $500 million, 5-year program, which was introduced in 2018 to provide sustainable air conditioning to improve learning environments within grid-constrained areas by supplying sustainable solar and battery systems in schools across NSW.

Power Your Business With Large-Scale Solar

As energy prices continue to rise in Newcastle, solar and battery systems become increasingly appealing. At Elite Power Group, we have made significant investments in becoming CEC Accredited installers in Solar and Battery solutions. Our primary goal is to assist your business in saving money and even generating additional income by installing solar panels.

After conducting a thorough site visit and reviewing your business's power bill information, we can accurately assess your current energy status. This assessment enables us to design and select the optimal solar and battery systems for your property.

Our objective is to help you fully capitalise on the energy generation and storage capabilities that we can install for you.

With extensive experience in the field, we have successfully installed a variety of solar and battery systems for various entities, including governments, strata managements, multi-residential buildings, and numerous other commercial applications all throughout Newcastle, the Hunter, and Central Coast regions. Our expertise allows us to provide businesses with customised renewable energy solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Reduced Operational Costs

In everyday operations, energy consists of a large portion of expenses, especially for manufacturers. By installing solar and commercial battery storage, companies can reduce their reliance on the electricity grid and stabilise their energy bills. This doesn't just lower utility expenses but also allows protection against increases in energy prices.

Maximising Self-Consumption

During the day, Solar peaks in its energy production, but is also the time of the day when demand is low. This means that any excess energy that you aren't using ends up being wasted. Industrial battery storage allows your business to store the excess energy for later consumption during on-peak prices. It not only gives you energy independence, but quickens your return-on-investment.

Sustainable Energy Production

Industrial Solar battery solutions are a clean way to store sustainable energy at all times of the day and night instead of expensive grid electricity.
Companies can proudly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through greener branding to the environmentally conscious who value a reduction in emissions.

Enhanced Grid Resilience

With the uncertainty of energy prices, commercial energy storage are a robust strategy to provide properties with an energy buffer of reliable, sustainable energy during grid outages. This allows energy security and uninterrupted operations.

Peak Shaving / Demand Response

Demand response is the adjustment of electricity use in response to grid indications, primarily in peak demand periods, that allows businesses to earn incentives, help improve grid stability, and have a positive environmental impact.

Where Do I Start?

Upload Your Bill, and get expert analysis on your energy consumption and let us provide you insight and an optimal energy solution for free.
We're a company that specialises in Solar, EV Charging, Battery Storage, and Electrical, so you know that you're in good hands.

Our technicians can give your consumption a professional look-over, and design custom solar solutions for your property to ensure optimal energy consumption and production. These systems' are designed with your budget, consumption habits, and energy requirements in mind.

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