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Multi-Res & Commercial Electricians⚡[Electrical Installers]

Leading electricians based in Thornton, helping residential, multi-res, and commercial properties with long-lasting electrical solutions throughout Newcastle. Get free consultation and quoting today!

Why Choose Elite Power Group?

With over 20 years' in the Electrical industry, our fully qualified electricians can tackle any electrical project you have, from general commercial electrical fit-outs, to large-scale factory wiring, EV Charging, and much more.

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+20 Years' experience in Electrical

Commercial Electrical Solutions Newcastle NSW

Our electricians have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of commercial electrical installations, such as general office fit-outs, industrial wiring for factories, Data and communications for businesses, and 3-Phase power upgrades. 

We're not your basic electricians. We're the one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs as well as EV Charging, Solar, and Battery Storage.

Warehouse Wiring

Switchboard Upgrades

Fleet EV Charging

Lighting Installations

Data & Communications

Testing & Maintenance

Emergency Lighting

Factory Wiring & Re-Wiring

3-Phase Installations

Fan Installation

Building Wiring

Solar PV Installations
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Multi-Residential Electrical

Our electricians offer a comprehensive range of services for multi-residential properties in the Newcastle, Maitland, and Port Stephens area.

Switchboard Upgrades

Lighting installations

Multi-residential renovations

Hot water installation

Data and communication network cabling

Testing & Maintenance

Why Newcastle Business Owners Trust our Electrical Solutions.

We understand finding the right electrician can be hard when it comes to electrical needs in the Newcastle and Hunter region. Business owners know the importance of finding a quality electrician they can trust. Our electricians have a reputation for quality and are the go-to professionals for all electrical solutions.
With years of experience, we strive for top-notch service and installations no matter the size of your project, we've got you covered.

At our core, we aim to empower communities with electrical solutions that generate a positive customer outcome. When it comes to electrical work in Newcastle and the Hunter, trust the experts who not only specialise in electrical, but all things' energy.

Solar Electrical Experts.

There are lots of electricians in the Maitland, Hunter, and Newcastle region, but there are rarely businesses who can assist with all your energy needs including general electrical, EV Charging, Solar, and Energy storage. We want to provide a simple and easy way for owners to find a one-stop shop, without the need to communicate to various companies.

In addition to electrical work for businesses, we provide free solar energy quotes for properties wanting to switch to renewable energy. These installations can come equipped with the latest in electrical technology for in-depth analysis of your systems' performance and property's energy consumption using various devices like smart meters to ensure you are aware of your smart energy system, 24/7.

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