Fleet + Public EV Charger Installers [DC Fast Chargers]

Supercharge your electric vehicles with fast commercial EV chargers up to 360kW. Talk to your Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter-based Electric Vehicle Charging installers, ready to install your fleet or public chargers today.

ABB Terra 360 DC fast charger

Commercial Charging Station Experts.

Talk to a company that doesn't just specialise in solar, but are also experts in Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging for businesses wanting to charge their fleets. We can provide solutions for all scales of charging capacity, from multiple smaller 7-22kW chargers, all the way up to multiple 300kW+ chargers for rapid Fleet EV charging.

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Fully Qualified Fleet Charging Professionals

Is your business thinking of switching to an electric vehicle fleet?
Switching to Electric Vehicles is the future, so it's only a matter of time when the majority of businesses rely on electric-powered transportation.

Every day, Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure is expanding across Maitland, Port Stephens, Cessnock, and Lake Macquarie. 
Governments are implementing public charging stations, traditional fuel stations are switching over, and business owners are switching to sustainability.

Charge your fleet with speed and convenience using the newest charging technology, to speeds up to 15 minutes for a full charge*.

We provide custom charging solutions for a range of businesses, and can additionally install solar and battery to charge your electric vehicle's completely with solar energy. Pretty cool!

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ABB terra ev charger

Terra 94, 124, 184 DC Fast EV Charger

90kW - 180kW
1200 km distance per hour*

ABB Terra 94, 124, 184 ABB Terra 94, 124, 184

Ocular titan dc charger

Ocular DC Titan DC EV Charger 

120kW - 150kW
Up to 860 km distance per hour*

Ocular DC Titan Ocular DC Titan

EO Mini Pro 3 EV Charger

EO Genius 2 EV Charger

7kW - 22kW
Up to 120 km distance per hour*
Single and three-phase

EO Genius 2 EO Genius 2

ABB Terra High power gen 3

Terra High Power Gen 3 EV Charger

175 - 350kW
Up to 2100 km distance per hour*

Terra HP Gen 3 Terra HP Gen 3

Tritium dc fast charger

Tritium DC Fast EV Charger

100kW - 150kW
Up to 860 km distance per hour*

Tritium DC Tritium DC

ABB terra 360

ABB Terra 360 EV Charger

Up to 2400 km distance per hour*

ABB Terra 360 ABB Terra 360

(* these calculations are an approximate and will depend on your vehicle, the speed of your charger, and other variables).

Fast EV Charger Installation Installer Electrician Newcastle

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Have a chat with one of our electric vehicle charging professionals, and let's discuss the optimal solution for your energy and budget requirements.

We work with our clients to ensure you get exactly what you want.

  EV Charger Articles EV Charger Articles

Should You Upgrade to Commercial EV Charging?

There are many reasons to upgrade to fleet and public fast EV chargers in New South Wales, including; future-proofing your business, enhancing customer experiences, and reinforcing your branding by providing a solution for customers with Electric Vehicles.

Future-Proof Your Business

Investing in commercial Electric vehicle chargers future-proofs your business by aligning with the shift towards electric transport world-wide. As electric vehicle adoption continues to accelerate in Newcastle, businesses that provide charging infrastructure, position themselves as forward-thinking leaders in their industry.
By embracing commercial EV chargers, you stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your business is ready to serve the growing number of EV drivers and their charging needs.

Enhance Customer Experience

Installing commercial electric vehicle chargers helps display your dedication to environmental efforts and the customer experience.

Your business creates a welcoming environment for EV owners, attracting eco-conscious customers and encouraging loyalty.
EV charging stations provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with customers, offering added value, and increasing foot traffic to retail locations, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Differentiate Your Brand

Commercial EV chargers offer a unique branding opportunity.

Customisable charging stations allow you to place your company logo and colors to reinforce brand identity and create a memorable impression on customers.

Showcase your commitment to sustainability and innovation by integrating EV chargers into your business's property, distinguishing your brand from competitors.

The Benefits of Commercial EV Charging for Fleet Management

Commercial electric vehicle charging isn't just a gimmick, it's a way businesses can take advantage of the electric vehicle surge by bringing a charging solution to the public's demand, to compliment your business. But what goes into owning a charging station? What do you get out of it?

Lower Operational Costs

Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain, and consume less energy that standard fuel-powered vehicles.

Zero Emissions

You cancel out everyday emissions produced by transportation, creating a cleaner environment for all.

Refueling Security

Minimise the impact of high petrol prices that can unexpectedly increase dramatically.

Renewable Charging

Pair your chargers with solar and battery systems and charge your EV's with free solar electricity at all times of the day and night.

Easy Integration

Refueling EV's onsite is an effortless experience for drivers. Integrate with custom RFID systems and charge in off-peak periods with timers.


Installing EV chargers is an investment which will allow you to future-proof your properties' infrastructure.

Electric Truck & Fleet Charging Infrastructure Development

With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles happens, the trucking industry is expected to join the boom with the introduction of electric trucks.

Electric vehicles typically have a large battery, however trucks have much larger batteries to account for their heavy and long-distance trips. These large batteries need high capacity charging to refuel efficiently and as quickly as possible.

We supply and install high-capacity electric vehicle charging infrastructure for rapid truck and fleet charging that not only generates savings by removing traditional fuel costs, but also contributes to
NetZero by greatly reduced emissions.

ABB Charger Electric truck charging

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