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Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter Solar Panel Installers

We are your trusted Solar Panel Installers, serving the Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter region for over 20+ years. Our extensive solar installation experience allows us to offer a wide range of solar solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

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Residential Solar Solutions

Elite Power Group's fully-qualified solar installers have helped install solar systems for a broad variety of residential applications, allowing homes to rely on sustainable energy.

We consult, design, install, and commission all solar systems, in-house. Our home solar solutions are tailor-made for customers and their energy and property requirements, as well as budgets.

Home Solar Home Solar

Commercial Solar Solutions

Businesses all throughout Newcastle and the Hunter are looking at ways to reduce operational costs. Solar is a great way to take advantage of vacant roof space, reducing energy consumption and allows the property to rely on cheap, sustainable power.

We are CEC accredited installers, allowing industrial and commercial properties get fast return-on-investment and future-proof energy systems.

Solar for Businesses Solar for Businesses

Learn How Solar Works

Understand the basics of solar systems, how they work, and what solar parts are involved.

Explore our easy-to-understand diagrams and explanations about how solar harnesses free energy from the sun and converts it into electricity.

Trust your local solar installers to help you in your solar journey by supplying in-depth information and insight.

How Solar Works How Solar Works

Home & Business Solar Panels

Our local expertise includes solar panel installations for on and off-grid properties, as well as commercial solar solutions for larger businesses looking to take advantage of solar energy.

We take pride in our in-depth knowledge and proven track record of delivering exceptional solar solutions that cater to our customers' energy needs and budget for all of Newcastle and Maitland.

We only use the highest quality solar and electrical equipment to ensure your renewable energy system is reliable and operates at maximum efficiency, long-term.

Our team of experts will work with you to provide sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable solar energy solutions that will benefit you and your property for years to come.

Solar panel cells
trina solar panel system panels cells

2MW Solar Installation for NCIA in Rutherford

Since the end of July, we have been installing over 2MW of solar panels for a tile manufacturer - National Ceramics Industries Australia (NCIA).

This large-scale industrial solar system will help NCIA’s heavy energy consumption in their day-to-day operations. As the completion date nears, we are thrilled to see this massive installation come together. It has been an exciting journey, and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on not only NCIA’s power bill, but the environment as well.

Industrial Solar Solutions Industrial Solar Solutions

Fully-Qualified, CEC Accredited Solar Installers

We are your go-to solar installers in the Newcastle and Hunter area with a proven track record of providing high-quality solar installation services. We install a variety of solar solutions including small home solar systems to large commercial solar systems, solar farms, high-capacity battery storage, commercial electrical, and electric vehicle charging.

Our team have invested in becoming CEC Accredited solar installers to install solar systems across the Hunter with maximum quality and longevity.

Future-proof your Energy with Sustainability

Maximise your home's energy savings with residential solar.

  • Lower your Bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Add more value to your home
  • Be self sufficient
  • Energy Security 

Unlock the Potential of Solar Power for your Business

Save huge amounts on energy for your business. Installing commercial solar will allow:

  • Greener Branding
  • Energy independence
  • Cheaper power
  • Energy sufficiency

Custom Solar Solutions tailored to your Requirements

Never pay another electricity bill with an Off-Grid System.

  • Be self-sufficient in your power use and production.
  • Energy security
  • Go 100% Green
  • Low maintenance
  • Immune to outages

CEC Clean energy council approved solar retailer
CEC Clean energy council accredited Installer

CEC Accreditation Certification

What is CEC, and why is it important? Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises people who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

Embrace a Sustainable Future with Solar

Unlock the Power of Renewable Energy Solutions, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, and Maximise Energy Efficiency in the Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter. We want to invest in future generations by empowering communities with renewable and sustainable solutions.

Mid-tier 6.6kW Solar package (JA Solar + Sungrow)

Mid-Tier Solar System Packages

JA Solar 440W Panels
Sungrow Inverters

Top-tier 13.20kW Solar package (Trina Solar + Fronius)

Top-Tier Solar System Packages

Trina Solar 440W Panels
Fronius Inverters

Explore our selection of solar panel packages for easy decision-making! We provide free quotes and consultation on all solar systems, so we can work with you to find the optimal solar solution for your budget and energy requirements.

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The One-Stop-Shop for Solar in Newcastle

We don't just specialise in Solar, but we're also experts in Battery Storage, Electric Vehicle Charging, Electrical and more!

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Hunter Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Go completely Off-Grid in the Hunter. We can help you become self-sustainable with quality Off-Grid Solar and Battery solutions.

Off-Grid Solutions Off-Grid Solutions

Make the Switch to Renewable Energy.

Switch to Renewable Energy to Lower your Emissions, Add Value to your Home, and Reduce your Energy Bills.

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Discover How Solar Works

How solar works diagram

Understanding solar can feel difficult at times, but we have developed free and easy-to-understand solar explanations and diagrams to allow you to visually see how a solar system works and how it can be applied to your home or business. Explore how solar works here.

Learn quickly and stress free about the context of a solar installation, so you can make informed decisions.

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority.

The Elite Power Group team assist our customers in every step of the process. We want to take the time to understand your unique energy, budget, and property requirements.

Our team in Thornton can help you find the ultimate solution for your energy; including custom designed and installed solar systems to best suit you, maximising usage and return-on-investment.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, transparent communication, and timely project completion.

With a proven track record of satisfied customers over the past 20 years, you can trust your local installers to help provide the optimal solar solution not just for homes, but for larger commercial and farm systems.

With our solar and battery accredited installers, fully qualified electricians, and well-experienced team, we work the latest technology and industry knowledge to ensure your system is long-lasting and best designed for you. Get a free quote today.

Solar Rebates Australia for 2024

One of the most attractive aspects of installing solar at your home or business are the various rebates that these systems entail. However, the murky waters of Australian Government rebates and manufacturer offers can be difficult for the consumer to navigate.

So let’s go on a deep dive into solar rebates, how they work, and how you can make the most of them.

 Environmental benefits 

Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy, which means it does not produce harmful emissions or contribute to climate change. Over a period of time panels pay off the emissions used in manufacturing.

 Increased property value 

Homes and buildings with solar panels installed are often more attractive to buyers, as they offer a unique and environmentally friendly feature and energy independence.

 Energy independence 

By generating your own electricity, you can reduce your reliance on utility companies and take control of your energy needs.

 Cost savings 

Once installed, solar panels can save you money on your energy bills by reducing your reliance on traditional electricity sources.

BYD Solar battery

Solar Battery Storage

Want to know more about our Solar Battery Storage Installation capabilities?

Commercial EV Charging

Commercial EV Charging

Find out more about our EV charger installations and how you can charge your electric vehicle with solar power!

Off grid solar and battery

Off-Grid Solar & Battery

Interested in going off-grid? Here's what you need to know about our solutions and how you can go completely off-grid with solar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions we see being asked constantly about solar.

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