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As prices of energy continue to increase, solar and battery systems become more attractive. We have invested the time and resources to become accredited installers in solar and battery solutions to allow your business to save and even make money whilst being sustainable.

Simply upload your bills, and let our experts analyse them and get back to you with the optimal solution, all for free.

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Free energy assessmentLower your grid dependenceReduce your costsReturn on investment analysisReduce your carbon emissionsUpload your energy billUpload your energy bill

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After a site visit, and information from your power bill, we can assess your energy status and move accordingly by designing and choosing the best solar and battery systems for your property, that will allow you to take advantage of the energy generation and storage you have installed.

It's worth noting that the bill that your retailer sends you is a summary of the energy you used during the quarter or month.

Available to you is a much more detailed data set that can be imported into a spreadsheet which can provide a much more detailed pattern of usage. It is called interval data and will be provided free to you as a file by your retailer upon your application.

We have installed many systems for Strata managements, multi-residential, and much more, all helping the client with their unique energy needs to be solved by the perfect energy solution.

Upload your bill here Upload your bill here


Upload your bill, and we can analyse the submission, create a proposal and get back to you, all in a short time.
We can then show you the potential savings your property can produce, as well as the ROI etc.

Reduce your grid dependency by installing a solar and battery storage system, to ensure you're getting the most out of your energy production at anytime of the day, and that you're protected in times of energy failure.



As energy prices continue to rise, it's a smart idea to secure your costs and ensure you're as protected as possible from increasing prices. 
Your bills won't be as vulnerable to the unstable prices of grid energy.

Get expert Return on investment analysis with accurate results on your potential systems' performance, how profitable it will be, and how the performance will change over time in a range of categories.



Why not lower your business's carbon emissions? Get accurate predictions on how much carbon your system will prevent, and have alive conversion into how many trees you will save over a period of time.

There isn't a downside to uploading your bill. By showing us, we can present and unlock the potential savings you and your company can save.


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Free energy assessmentLower your grid dependenceReduce your costsReturn on investment analysisReduce your carbon emissionsUpload your energy billUpload your energy bill

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Tesla's innovating, with the release of Cybertruck, Powerwall 3, and Tesla's Virtual Power Plant, Powershare with Bi-directional charging for Vehicle-to-Home.

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Bills are still High, even with a recent Solar Installation?

Solar owners may be experiencing higher energy costs than expected. Why are you still being charged for grid consumption with solar? Why is your bill still high?

Our Solutions

We are a leading installer of quality solar panels in the Newcastle and Hunter region, offering a range of services including on and off-grid, ground mount, and both residential and commercial solar solutions.

Our team of expert installers can design and install a range of EV charging solutions, including commercial applications, such as fleet and public fast charger installations.

Battery storage solutions can help customers save and even earn money by storing excess energy generated by their solar panels and using it during peak demand times. In addition, our team of qualified electricians can provide a range of commercial electrical services, providing solutions for multi-residential, commercial buildings, new homes & renovations, and more.


Elite Power Group specialise in Solar Power installation and maintenance for commercial and residential properties.

Solar Solutions Solar Solutions


Want to store your solar energy for blackout protection and to use solar power at night? View our storage solutions.

Battery Storage Battery Storage


Want to be less grid-dependent, or want to go completely off-grid with your energy? Check out our off-grid solutions.

Off-Grid Solutions Off-Grid Solutions


We're the EV charging experts. See how you could never have to go to a station ever again.

EV Charging Solutions EV Charging Solutions


We do Electrical work for commercial properties, and specialise in helping our clients install and optimise their business's electrical systems.

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