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About Elite Power Group

Elite Power Group are a Thornton-based Solar and Electrical company with 20 years’ experience servicing the Newcastle, Hunter, and Central Coast area. We believe in meeting and exceeding customer expectations and have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction.

About Us

Elite Power Group have been in business since 2014, developed by 3 well-experienced tradesmen joining forces.
Originally starting as an electrical company, the business has since expanded to solar and other various energy solutions.

Elite Power Group's aim has always been to create the best solutions possible for our clients, even from the beginning.

Our mission is to deliver tailored, quality electrical, and renewable energy solutions that generate a positive customer outcome.
With this in mind, our team have been dedicated in helping home and business owners to making educated decisions, with free expert consultation and quoting on a wide variety of solutions.

Why Choose Us?

At Elite Power Group, our friendly team's aim is to create the most seamless transition between your energy needs and providing the most optimal energy solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we understand how to find and provide the best Electrical Systems for your home or business.

We offer a range of services, such as Solar, Battery storage, Off Grid installations, and EV charger installations with our CEC accredited Electricians and installers. Contact us today.

Why Solar?

There are many benefits of going solar. As you are using a renewable energy source, you are not only harnessing free energy.

By limiting the use of fossil fuels to produce energy for your home, you are helping provide a more sustainable future and providing a cleaner environment for everyone.
You not only positively impact the environment, but you invest in your energy consumption, and improve property value.

CEC Clean energy council approved solar retailer
CEC Clean energy council accredited Installer

What is CEC Accreditation? The Clean Energy Council recognises people who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

What We Offer

We offer a range of energy solutions with our fully qualified Electricians and Technicians, to work you in getting the best electrical solution possible. Anything from fresh Solar Installations, to an Off-Grid ready Battery System.

Elite Power Group uses the best quality electrical solutions and tools to ensure you get the most efficient and longest lasting systems available. Our Solar Solutions are affordable, are a low maintenance financial investment, all whilst simultaneously doing your part in the community by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Solutions Our Solutions

"I couldn't recommend these guys more, just finished up an additional solar and battery install, and everyone from initial day 1 inquiry on has been a pleasure to deal with. Knowledgeable, happy to answer my questions, and the actual install in 35 degree weather was impressive to watch - they worked their butts off without complaint. Top work from everyone!"


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