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Home Solar: Residential Solar Power Installers

Elite Power Group are your local Residential Solar Panel Installers for homes in Newcastle, Maitland, and the Hunter, specialising in solar panel and inverter Installations, reducing your energy bills with clean and sustainable energy solutions.

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Newcastle and Maitland's Home Solar Experts

In the Hunter region, residential solar installations are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners.
Elite Power Group can help you with switching to home solar power, with a variety of available solutions and systems.
Our CEC Accredited team can assist with quoting, designing, and installing the optimal solar solution for your home.

Solar panel installation

Save on Your Electricity Bill

Switching to solar lowers your grid reliance, saving you on your homes' energy consumption of expensive grid energy.

Use Sustainable Renewable Energy

Take advantage of solar's unique characteristics of producing free, green energy to power your property sustainably.

Reduce Production Emissions

Using solar energy reduces carbon emitted by coal fire-powered grid power, and replaces it with zero emission production.

Increase the value of your home

Increase your homes' value by installing solar and allowing your home to be a self-generating powerhouse, boasting energy independence.

Take Control of YOUR Energy.

We believe now is the right time for homes to switch to solar energy in Newcastle, as the prices of energy continue to increase, solar becomes the more attractive option. If you're interested but not exactly sure what you're after, we would love to have a chat.
We can provide a free quote, and happily propose a solar solution that will work for you.

With over 20 years experience in House Solar and Electrical Installations in the Newcastle and Hunter regions, we believe we are the perfect fit in helping provide your home with a source of renewable energy.

Future-Proof Your Energy

The world is going electric. Home Solar is a great way to switch to renewable energy through the day, and when paired with a battery, consume sustainable energy 24/7.

Custom Solutions

Think your house needs a custom energy solution?
We can work through a solution specific to your home and its requirements.

Doing Your Part

Whilst also saving on your energy bill, you're helping make a positive impact on the planet by switching to a renewable source of energy. Install solar today and do your part.

Prices of energy are continuously increasing, with no end in sight.

We can talk with you about finding the best solution for your energy usage and budget, to minimise the impact of increasing costs to your home's energy bills. As we have all seen, energy bills continue to increase with no end in sight, and many are wondering on ways they can save on their electricity bills. By installing solar power for your residence, you not only save on your power bill, but you rely on sustainable energy, lowering your carbon footprint, whilst also increasing the value of your home.

Where Do I Start?

Talk to your Newcastle & Hunter-based Residential Solar Installers. We won't sell you something you don't need as we are solutions-focused and genuinely want to assist you in providing solar energy solutions.

When looking to install solar panels for your home, it is important you find a trustworthy solar installer. At Elite Power Group, we believe we are the company you can call when you need a quality solar installation, with the smoothest process and easiest experience possible.

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Why Choose Elite Power Group?

At Elite Power Group, our friendly team's aim is to create the most seamless transition between your energy needs and providing the most optimal energy solutions. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we understand how to find and provide the best solar and electrical systems for your home or business.

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What Our Residential Customers are Saying:

"We have just had a 12.5kW solar system installed by Elite Power Group. Wow what a trades experience! From Lars (quoting and communicating the technical to the everyday language) to Wayne (co-ordinating) to Nick (foreman) and the entire team of 3 on-site today, fantastic!
Nick and co today were on time, caring about our property, their workmanship and overall finish. Nothing was a bother. Now looking forward to the benefits of solar power. Highly professional organization happy to recommend! Thanks again."

Simon Boyle Customer

"Lars and his team recently completed a new solar install at one of our properties.

To say we're impressed with the quality of work is an understatement. Their professionalism is exactly as you would expect, and they're great, easy to deal with kind of people.

I recommend Elite Power Group and will be using them on our next solar installation!"

Ben Jackson Customer

"We had Solar installed by Elite Power Group. They were professional and helpful from the very first dealings. Lars came to our home and talked us through every aspect of the solar installation. We received excellent service and nothing was a problem.

The team that completed our job were reliable, well organised and very professional. We cannot recommend Lars and his team highly enough! We are now enjoying huge savings on our electricity bill."

Sonya Guise Customer

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One-Stop-Shop for Solar

We not only install solar panels for homes, but we also provide expert consultation and installation for businesses wanting to take full advantage of their energy potential.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Pair your residential solar system with a home battery to keep your home powered at night and in times of grid outages.

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Add a home electric vehicle charger and charge your vehicle with your existing or new solar system to charge your EV with complete solar energy.

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Interested in going off-grid? Here's what you need to know about our solutions and which one is right for you.