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Bonus +4 Free Solar Panels for All Residential Solar Installations!

Simply fill out the form below and order a solar system through us, and we'll throw in +4 free extra solar panels to help supercharge your solar production. T&C's Apply (below).

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Free Additional Solar Panel Promotion Terms & Conditions

Elite Power Group (EPG) are running a temporary promotion for a reward of 4 additional solar panels when a customer purchases a solar system and installation through EPG. This is designed to be an incentive for customers to install solar for their residential property.

  • These promotional T&C’s apply to the ‘+4 Free Solar Panel’ Campaign, run by Elite Power Group Pty Ltd (EPG).
  • To successfully claim the additional 4 free solar panels, customers need to purchase a solar system through EPG.
  • The additional free solar panels will correspond with the model of panels in the customers’ paid system.
  • Promotion ends on June 30th at 11:59pm 2024.
  • This promotion can only be claimed once per property.
  • The 4 free solar panels cannot be exchanged for cash or other products/services.
  • All product and service warranties apply to both free and purchased panels.
  • EPG reserves the right to extend or end this campaign prematurely at its own discretion.

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