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MyEnergi is a British company that specialises in developing and manufacturing renewable energy products for homes and businesses. The company was founded in 2016 by Lee Sutton, Jordan Brompton, and Simon Crowfoot. Their mission is to provide innovative solutions that help customers reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

They offer a range of products that allow customers to monitor and control their energy consumption, generate renewable energy, and store energy for later use, providing customers with the tools they need to become more energy-efficient, save money on energy bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Residential and Commercial Solutions

Vertex S - DE09R.05W

Zappi EV Charger

  • 7kW - 22kW
  • Renewable energy EV charging
  • Compatible with solar/wind power
  • Three charging modes
  • Remote controlled via mobile app

Vertex S - DE09R.08W


  • Rated Input Power - 3.68kW
  • Smart energy diversion
  • Compatible with most heaters
  • No wiring or plumbing changes
  • Controlled via mobile app

Vertex 580W - TSM.DE19R.W


  • Central energy management system
  • Connects all MyEnergi devices
  • Monitors and controls energy usage
  • Can be controlled via mobile app

Vertex S - DE09R.05W


  • Smart energy monitor
  • Real-time energy usage data
  • Helps identify energy savings
  • Controlled via mobile app

Vertex S - DE09R.08W

The App

  • Centralized device control
  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Energy usage history tracking
  • EV charging scheduling and monitoring
  • Remote firmware updates for devices

Vertex 580W - TSM.DE19R.W

CT Clamp

  • Clips onto electrical cables easily
  • Monitors real-time energy usage
  • Provides data to Harvi and other MyEnergi devices
  • Can be used to monitor individual circuits or appliances
  • Requires no wiring or electrical knowledge to install

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