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VIC Sets a $10 Million Solar Waste Incentive

Posted 4 Oct '22

Victorian Government Sets a $10 Million Solar Waste Incentive Strategy

The Victorian Government has announced its $10 Million Solar Waste Incentive strategy to help the recycling process of Solar Panel waste.

In efforts to reduce the waste, the Victorian Government is calling for innovative solutions to help reduce solar panel waste in hopes to push the transition into renewable energy production and cutting waste in the process by investing $10 Million. It is expected that with the current strategies, Victoria alone will account for more than 187,000 tonnes of solar panel waste by 2035 (based on 15-year lifespan panels), unless we find a sustainable solution.

The challenge is finding the right recycle solution of materials from Solar panels that have been perished, to new products. This incentive will encourage Australians to innovate, find strategies, and develop new products to reuse the expensive materials and collectively help eliminate the waste issue through investment funding by the Government to support the innovation and improved technology development.

This challenge is supported by the Governments $1.3 billion investment for the Solar Homes Program. The investment has already shaved 1.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions, which is about 400k vehicles off the road. Not only is it reducing carbon emissions, but it is also creating 4,500 jobs in the renewable energy sector and contributing to the goal of 40% renewable energy target by 2025, in which household solar are expected to contribute 12.5%.

“Our Solar Waste Challenge is an example of how we are working with industry and innovators in our nation-leading clean energy transition, while proactively addressing potential environmental impacts.”

“We’ve helped 200,000 households and businesses to install solar – driving down power bills and emissions – and now we’re creating more jobs and new industries as we boost Victoria’s recycling to meet our clean energy transition.” – Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Solar Homes.

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