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Up to 700mW Super Battery planned for Waratah

Posted 17 Oct '22

Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Standby Battery

Waratah NSW will be receiving a super battery infrastructure to create energy security for the Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong region. This infrastructure is a part of the SIPS (System Integrity Protection Scheme), intended to act as an energy backup in the case of a grid outage, or times of peak demand acting as a ‘shock absorber’ said Matt Kean, Treasurer and Minister for Energy.

“The Waratah Super Battery will be the biggest network battery anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, providing at least 700MW of standby network capacity to the grid,” Mr Kean said.

TransGrid, the elected network provider has been given official approval from the NSW Government to develop the Waratah Super Battery Transmission Infrastructure project, which will provide up to 700 megawatts of capacity, acting as the southern hemispheres largest standby network battery.

“As part of the project we will carry out $150 million in upgrades to existing transmission lines and substations to enable additional energy generated in regional New South Wales to be delivered to consumers."

TransGrid, Linkedin.

The NSW Government, through the Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo), has launched a competitive process to identify suitable battery developers and sites for the development of the Waratah Super Battery.

“Lake Munmorah has a long history in energy generation, with the now demolished power station helping to power the State for over 40 years. I’m thrilled that today we are announcing the return of more energy capacity to the area.”

“The Waratah Super Battery will drive up to $1 billion in private investment in new energy storage and associated network upgrades, generating more than 100 jobs in the Hunter and Central Coast regions.”

The battery energy storage system technology for the Waratah Super Battery is yet to be confirmed, however it will likely comprise lithium-ion batteries in containerised battery enclosures. EnergyCo is now preparing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposal, which will assess the impacts of the Waratah Super Battery on the environment and surrounding communities.

The construction is expected to begin early next year, and to be finalised by mid-2025.

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