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Why Batteries?

Posted 19 Dec '22

Why Home and Commercial Battery Storage Systems?

Everyone today who follows our quest for a rapidly electrified planet seems fascinated by batteries and what part they can play in the orchestra of renewable energy.
Of course, they are the dominant element in the race to electrify transport and the proliferation of EV's will drive down the price and drive up the performance of batteries via intense R&D.

Indeed, the motor car started in its infancy as an electrically powered machine albeit using an unsatisfactory battery made from lead and sulphuric acid.

However, they have other less glamourous roles to play in important areas spurred by a chemistry using lithium and developed in the late 1970s by centenarian professor John Goodenough and commercialised by Akira Yoshino and Sony in 1981.

Today, whilst variations on the theme of lithium abound, there is around the world vigorous research going on to find the holy grail of high energy in a small package combined with high power delivery and vital trio of low cost and longevity using abundant materials.

Let us turn to stationary batteries; the kind we can use in our houses to augment solar.

The chemistry of choice is lithium iron phosphate (LFP - lithium ferro-phosphate); a chemistry championed by its adequate energy in an acceptable package size (energy density), cost and importantly, safety.

In lithium batteries' earlier versions there was a real risk of fire should the battery be overcharged. This was vividly demonstrated in some early and embarrassing accidents aboard Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner aircraft with built-in lithium batteries which somehow in the public's mind gave lithium batteries generally a bad name. Lithium iron phosphate, along with another chemistry, Lithium Titanite Oxide (LTO) have assured us that lithium can be synonymous with safety.

Presently websites such as the very credible Solar Quotes quite rightly point to the strictly financial imperatives of cost as a driver to ignore batteries at the present moment. However, other imperatives such as black out protection, fire pump operation in bushfire situations and reliability critical situations such as medical equipment operation make the case for batteries.

Another value case for stationary batteries is that subject addressed in an earlier article; Virtual Power Plants (VPP). In this situation the battery, under internet control, provides either short bursts of power or absorbs bursts of power to provide the grid with valuable stability. All at the cost of trivial energy from and to the battery; a feature which ensures battery longevity. The income the battery owner earns from this service is able to help make the financial case for a battery.

Elite Power Group are your local Battery Storage professionals who can help you find the optimal solution whether you just want a Battery, want it connected to Solar, and even connection to EV Chargers!

If you're looking for an installation or just some more information, please get in contact us for more information.

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