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Elite Power Group is a trusted source of expert information on renewable energy solutions in the Newcastle and Hunter areas. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge on solar power, battery storage, and EV charging, and we offer a range of services in these areas, including installations.

If you're interested in learning more about renewable energy, our website provides free downloadable resources that can help you understand these important topics. We take pride in our role as one of the leading solar installers in the region, and we're committed to helping homeowners and businesses make informed decisions about their energy needs.

At Elite Power Group, we're passionate about sustainability and the positive impact that renewable energy can have on our environment, so we're here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of switching to cleaner, greener energy sources. 

The Cooler Classrooms Project

Elite Power Group specialises in a variety of different solutions, and our 'Cooler Classroom' project is one of them.

We have created a free brochure to help give you an idea on our solutions, so please feel free to download it and give it a read!

Cooler Classrooms Cooler Classrooms

Our Network Protection Systems
Don't know what Network Protection is?  Elite Power Group is a local industry leader in Network Grid Protection, so we have created this short brochure to view at your pleasure.

Network Protection Network Protection

Heat Pumps Overview

Not many people understand the use of Heat Water Pumps in our every day lives.
Here we have created a brochure for you to read that will inform you about everything you need to know about hot water heating.

Heat Pumps Heat Pumps

Virtual Power Plants (VPP's)

Not many people know a lot of Virtual Power Plants and their role in the transition to clean energy.

Have a read of this brochure to understand what VPP's are and where they sit within the energy world.

Virtual Power Plants Virtual Power Plants

Hot Water Heating
Did you know that there is actually a lot of energy involved in heating water?
In this brochure, we will go through the amount of energy involved and the strategies we can take to save a few bucks.

Hot Water Heating Hot Water Heating

Power and Energy
What's the difference between Power and Energy?
A lot of people are unsure of the difference between the two, and it is very important that you know.

Power vs. Energy Power vs. Energy

A Million Mile Battery

There is some apprehension around EV technology and is always followed by a variety of questions.

How far away are we from a million-mile battery? We're closer than you think.

Million Mile Battery Million Mile Battery

Managing Battery Cells

What is a Battery Management System? Why is it crucial for Battery Safety?

Today we go through the technical aspect of managing battery cells with a BMS, and how it works.

Battery Cells Battery Cells


Today we explain what the NEM is and how it works.

The National Energy Market is a place where energy is traded to retailers, providing YOU power!

The Nem The Nem

AC and DC

You've heard of AC and DC, but what do they actually mean?

In this brochure, we explain the meaning of both and how they work (with diagrams).

AC vs. DC AC vs. DC


What in the world is a Transformer?

You'd be surprised how common they are in energy distribution and how important they are in bringing electricity to your home.

Transformers Transformers

Artificial Intelligence and Renewables

How important will AI be in playing a part of future technology and Renewable Energy?
You'd be surprised how important it is..

AI Renewables AI Renewables
Single Phase vs. Three Phase Power

What in the world is single phase, and why is three-phase considered to be better?
Let's talk about what single and three-phase is and how they relate to you and your energy needs.

1 vs. 3 phase 1 vs. 3 phase
EV Charging on a Constrained Grid

You want to charge your EV, but you're worried about being bottle necked by a constrained grid?
This brochure has been made to help you gain an understanding around this topic.

EV Charging EV Charging
Grids and Micro-Grids

You've heard of an electrical grid, but have you heard what a Micro-grid is?

In this brochure, we explain what it is and the attributes that make up a micro-grid and what they are used for.

Grids & MicroGrids Grids & MicroGrids
Getting your home set up for EV Charging

What does setting up your home for EV charging actually involve?

After many installs, we are here to show you a few tips on how to set your home up for EV charging, and the things you should be looking out for. 

Home EV Charging Home EV Charging
Electrical Energy Storage

We all know what a battery is, but have you ever stopped to wonder how they work and the different types of energy storage?

Today we learn about Kinetic energy, as well as Chemical Energy storage and more.

Energy Storage Energy Storage
Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid solar refers to a solar power system that is not connected to the electrical grid.

Enjoy this free downloadable PDF to learn more about off-grid systems and their uses.

Off Grid Systems Off Grid Systems



"Thanks to Jay Gale from Elite Power Group for fixing our meter box and getting the power back to our air cons on a 42 degree day."



"Thanks to Lars and his team. Great job, great service from start to finish. You can’t do better."



"All staff involved were helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Really happy with the system and installation."

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