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ABB Terra 360 EV Charger Installers

Newcastle-based ABB Terra 360 electric vehicle charger installers, specialising in commercial ABB charging solutions for businesses and public stations. Install ABB's Terra 360, 360kW DC Fast charger and supercharge your electric vehicles today.

ABB Terra 360 Charger

The Most Powerful all-in-one EV Charger

  • The world’s fastest car charger with 360 kW of power
  • Adding 100 km in less than 3 minutes
  • Serving 4 vehicles at once at 90 kW

The Terra 360’s unique design fits the electric vehicle charging solution perfectly for New South Wales public charging stations, and large commercial fleets, with the ability to rapid charge an EV up to 360kW, or 4 EV's up to 90kW each.

ABB Terra 360 DC Fast Charger

The Terra 360 is the fastest all-in-one charger on the market. Designed around the needs of today’s EV driver, the Terra 360 is powerful, flexible, user-friendly and designed for accessibility. ABB’s Terra 360 is the world’s most powerful and compact all-in-one high power charging solution, helping charging network operators deploy fast-charging stations and accelerate the transition to future mobility. 

One of ABB Terra 360's coolest features (no pun intended) is the integrated air or liquid cooled charging cable which allows for continual high-power use, whilst also being safe and comfortable.

ABB Terra 360 Charging Capabilities

This capable commercial electric vehicle charger can charge up to four vehicles at the same time at 90 kW. This is especially useful for public stations where time is a priority to get customers in and out as fast as possible. The Terra 360's rapid rate of charging allows for easy and convenient charging to electric vehicle owners.

In the same size of a traditional fuel pump, the ABB Terra 360 consists of a smaller size compared to similar commercial electric vehicles on the market that need a separate power cabinet to charge. The Terra 360 does all this in the same unit, savings lots of space.

ABB Terra 360 Charger public charger infrastructure

CCS charging up to 360 kW
CHAdeMO charging up to 150 kW
AC Type-2 up to 22 kW

CCS air-cooled up to 500A
CCS liquid-cooled 500A
CHAdeMO up to 350A

200-920 V DC

Two DC outputs
Optional DC outputs (up to two)
Optional AC Type-2 socket

360 / 240 / 180 / 120 kW
(Upgradable with extra modules)

Up to 5 m Integrated cable
retraction system


Two DC outputs
Optional DC outputs (up to two)
Optional AC Type-2 socket


360 / 240 / 180 / 120 kW
(Upgradable with extra modules)


Up to 5 m Integrated cable retraction system


Credit card payment terminals
Safety tilt switch
27" advertising screen


720 x 710 x 2200 mm (W x D x H)
720 kg (360 kW model)


200-920 Vdc

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Commercial Charging

Terra 360 has been designed for the energy requirements of fleet charging and depots.
With its quick and efficient installation, the Terra 360 allows for custom layouts that can be flexible for your needs.

Retail Charging

Shopping centres can take advantage of its high-capacity charging, that is uniquely designed for curbside and frontal parking, perfect for centre layouts for convenient charging for customers.

Refueling Stations

As Terra 360 is one of the fastest chargers available, this is perfect for drive-through styled charging with the ability to charge 2 cars at the same time, perfect for fuel stations. 

Terra 360 Brochure

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Terra 360 Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Terra 360

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