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20% Price Increases for Energy

Why are Prices going up?

After a recent confirmation from the Australian Energy Regulator,
energy prices will increase by at least 20% in July across 3 states; NSW, QLD, and SA.

This is in no small part due to energy retailers looking to re-coup losses sustained during last year's energy crisis, as well as the closure of coal-fired power plants, and
increases in energy demand.

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20% increase in energy prices

What Can You Do?

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Minimise the Impact of Energy Price Rises.


Check you’re on the Cheapest Energy Rate

Ensure the energy retailer you’re with, is the cheapest option available.
Use the NSW Government website to compare plans.

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20% Increase in Energy Prices
Reduce your Energy Consumption


Reduce your Energy Consumption

Ensuring low consumption energy practices by like making the switch to LED’s, take shorter showers, use heated blankets instead of heaters, wash clothing in cold water, and switch off inactive appliances.
These are a few examples, but once all combined, this can save you lots.


Install Solar

As simple as it is, Solar will give you more energy independence, minimising the impact of higher grid energy costs in a sustainable way.
Consuming free energy from the sun is a great way to minimise grid dependency.

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Install Solar Power Panels
Reduce your Energy Consumption


Upgrade your Solar with a Battery Storage System

Install a Battery Storage System to use captured Solar power at all times of the day or night, no matter what weather conditions.
Protect your home and/or business against black-outs whilst also minimising the rising energy costs.

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Switch to Amber

If you have Solar and Battery Storage installed, Amber lets you not just save money but also earn it. Amber offers wholesale energy prices for a small monthly subscription fee, along with the battery optimisation tech to make the most of wholesale.

We really recommend signing up!

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