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Tesla Powerwall 3: Tesla's All-In-One Battery

Official Tesla Powerwall 3 Specifications, Features, and Projected Price & Release date in Australia.
Tesla's new fully integrated solar and battery, designed to be a whole home backup system, accelerating return-on-investment on solar systems, cost savings, and energy independence. With its built-in inverter, it's the all-in-one package for new homes and businesses.

Tesla Powerwall 3 unit

Tesla's Fully Integrated Solar Battery: Powerwall 3

Tesla has announced their new battery, Tesla Powerwall 3.
This battery has unique functionality, including a game-changing - built-in inverter, higher capacity, and more.

They have been relatively secretive about their release of the PW3, but have officially released the battery for installation in the U.S.
There is still yet to be any information about Tesla Powerwall 3's release in Australia.

Tesla Powerwall 3 installation
Tesla Powerwall 3 cost

How Much is the Tesla PW3 in Australia?

The Tesla Powerwall 3 has not yet been released in the Australian market, so we don't have a confirmed Australian price. However, the Powerwall 3 has been released in the U.S and can be ordered for installation right now.

According to pricing estimates through Tesla's order page, Powerwall 3 costs around $10,000 (AUD) for the unit itself, which doesn't include the Gateway which will be needed in Australia, and the installation costs of the entire system.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Specifications Overview

Powerwall 3 is more than just a backup battery. It can optimise your stored solar or cheap grid energy to charge your electric vehicle, run appliances, and just simply make a coffee with sustainable energy through the day, night, or grid outage.


Energy Capacity

13.5 kWh

Power Output

11.5 kW Continuous Output

Backup Power

11.5 kW Continuous

Seamless Backup Transition

185 LRA motor start


97.5% Solar-to-grid efficiency
6 MPPT's
11.5 kW Inverter (supports up to 20 kW of panels)


Dimensions & Weight

1099 mm (L) x 609 mm (W) x 193 mm (D)

130 kg


Available system expansion

Maximum of 40.5 kWh per Powerwall stack


Integrated solar inverter and controller

-20 C to 50 C


97.5% Solar-to-grid efficiency

6 MPPT's



10 years


Flood resistance to over 5 cm
IP 67 (Battery & Electronics)
IP45 (Wiring Compartment)

Mounting Location

Floor or Wall mount

Indoor and Outdoor rated

Download PW3 Datasheet Download PW3 Datasheet

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Tesla Powerwall 3 vs. Powerwall + vs. Powerwall 2

Here is a quick overview comparing each Powerwall and their specifications and functionality from each other.

Powerwall 3 Powerwall + Powerwall 2

Energy Capacity 13.5 kWh 13.5 kWh 13.5 kWh
On-Grid Power 11.5 kW 7.7 kW / 5 kW 5 kW
Backup Power 11.5 kW 9.6 kW / 7kW 7 kW
Size 1099 mm (L) x 609 mm (W) x 193 mm (D)
1596 mm (L) x 755 mm (W) x 160 mm (D) 1150 mm (L) x 753 mm (W) x 147 mm (W)
Weight 130 kg 140 kg 114 kg
Scalability Up to 40.5 kWh per unit Up to 4 units Up to 10 units
Warranty 10 Years
10 Years 10 Years
Inverter Integrated Inverter and system controller
6 Solar Inputs (Up to 20 kW of Solar)
Integrated Inverter and system controller
4 Solar Inputs (up to 12.9 kW of solar)
Unit Flood and Dust resistance Water and Dust resistance Water and Dust resistance

Tesla Powerwall 3's Built-in Solar Inverter

With Tesla's inclusion of a built-in inverter, it saves you the need to spend money on a separate inverter for your solar system, and it also reduces the time to install your system with one less part to mount and connect.

If the Powerwall 3 release price is similar to the Powerwall 2, it will be great value for customers as an all-in-one-solution.

Each Powerwall 3 inverter has the capability to support 6 solar panel strings in order to allow for different shaped roofs and shading situations and has a maximum capacity of 20kW of solar.

Tesla Powerwall 3 residential installation

Tesla Powerwall 3: In-Depth Technical Specifications

Below are the in-depth specifications and features of the Tesla Powerwall 3. These are according to the official Tesla Datasheet.

PW3 System Technical Specifications

1Typical solar shifting use case.
2Values provided for 25°C (77°F), at beginning of life. 3.3 kW charge/discharge power.
3Tested using CEC weighted efficiency methodology.
4Cellular connectivity subject to network service coverage and signal strength.

Model Number 1707000-xx-y
Nominal Grid Voltage (Input & Output) 120/240 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
Overcurrent Protection Device Configurable up to 60 A
Solar to Battery to Home/Grid Efficiency 89%1,2
Solar to Home/Grid Efficiency 97.5%3
Supported Islanding Devices Backup Gateway 2, Backup Switch
Connectivity Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), Dual-port switched Ethernet, Cellular (LTE/4G 4 )
Hardware Interface Dry contact relay, Rapid Shutdown (RSD) certified switch and 2-pin connector, RS-485 for meters
AC Metering Revenue Grade (+/- 0.5%)
Customer Interface Tesla Mobile App
Warranty 10 years

Maximum Solar STC Input 20 kW
Withstand Voltage 600 V DC
PV DC Input Voltage Range 60 — 550 V DC
PV DC MPPT Voltage Range 150 — 480 V DC
Maximum Current per MPPT 13 A5
Maximum Short Circuit Current per MPPT 15 A5

PW3 Solar Technical Specifications

5Where the DC input current exceeds the MPPT rating, a jumper can be used to combine two MPPTs into a single input to intake DC current up to 26 A I MP / 30 A I SC

PW3 Battery Technical Specifications

2Values provided for 25°C (77°F), at beginning of life. 3.3 kW charge/discharge power.

Nominal Battery Energy 13.5 kWh AC2
Maximum Continuous Discharge Power 11.5 kW AC
Maximum Continuous Charge Power 5 kW AC
Output Power Factor Rating 0 - 1 (Grid Code configurable)
Maximum Continuous Current 48 A
Maximum Output Fault Current 10 kA
Load Start Capability (1 s) 185 A LRA
Power Scalability Up to 4 Powerwall 3 units supported

Home Backup Energy Storage

Like Powerwall 2, Powerwall 3 allows homes to be completely energy independent and unaffected in grid outages. When storms hit and grid energy fails, you can be assured your lights will stay on with Tesla's smart energy management.

Self-reliant, sustainable energy for your home.

Tesla Power wall 3 backup battery

Why is Elite Power Group looking forward to the Tesla Powerwall 3?

Elite Power Group are looking forward to the Tesla Powerwall 3's release in Australia for a few reasons:

Simpler Installation

The Powerwall 3 has a simple installation process compared to its predecessor, the Powerwall 2. Because of the built-in inverter, it allows installers (like us) to have a simpler process when installing a Powerwall 3 to a home or business, which saves us time and you money.
One Powerwall 3 can allow for up to 20kW which is more than enough for the standard home which sits around 7kW of solar.

Higher Power Output

Because of its impressive power output, it is more flexible for homes with high power requirements. 
The Powerwall 3 will be able to start up high-consumption appliances, and power the entire home with backup energy.
In comparison to the Tesla Powerwall 2, the Powerwall 3 offers for greater whole-home support and reliability in high demand periods.

Quality & Reliability

We genuinely love Tesla and their products.
Our installers recommend Tesla products as they are well-refined and reliable in what they're designed for.
The Elite Power Group team have been installing Powerwall 2's since their release and continue to push them out as they are high quality and long-lasting. We expect the same for Powerwall 3 and can't wait to get our hands on one.

Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers Newcastle & Hunter

Should you wait for a Powerwall 3 vs. Powerwall 2?
Whilst both batteries are very useful, the Powerwall 3 is more designed for newer homes with no solar, whereas the Powerwall 2 is designed for retrofitting storage into existing systems.

Our team have invested in becoming trusted Tesla installers to allow business and homeowners to take advantage of Tesla's newest technology, benefiting your homes' solar, energy independence, and your wallet. We want to see homes excel in their energy production and consume sustainable energy with smart energy management.

Order Powerwall 2 Order Powerwall 2
Tesla Power wall battery

Free Quoting & Consultation in Newcastle & the Hunter

Elite Power Group are certified Tesla installers, specialising in Tesla product installation such as the Powerwall 2, Gateway, and Gen 3 Wall Connector charger.

If you're interested in installing a Tesla product in Newcastle, Maitland, or the Hunter region, we can have a chat and provide you with the optimal energy solutions for your property, budget, and consumption habits for the best return-on-investment. With free consultation and quoting, you have nothing to lose. Let's chat.

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