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Certified Fronius Installers: Newcastle & Maitland

We install Fronius products all over the Newcastle and Hunter region, including Fronius Inverters, Hot water heating, and EV Chargers. We are proud Fronius Service Partners and are fully accredited to help you and your property's energy needs.

Fronius GEN24 and SYMO

Leaders in Fronius Solar and Battery Systems

Elite Power Group are industry leaders in Fronius Solar and Battery systems for residential and commercial properties in the Newcastle and Hunter region.

We have a variety of knowledge and experience in all-things Fronius, such as reliable inverter installations, as well as integrated Fronius solar and battery systems for both homes and businesses.

Trust your local Fronius installers.

Fronius installer Elite Power Group

Expert Fronius Inverter Installers

With over 20+ years' experience in Solar and Electrical, our team are more than qualified to supply, design, and install Fronius solar systems for your property, with a range of Fronius Inverters available.

Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus

The single-phase Fronius GEN24 hybrid inverter is our choice for home solar systems. With their Multi Flow Technology, it allows the hybrid inverter to supply parallel energy, even in backup mode.

The Fronius GEN24 can be integrated with battery systems, so you can store the excess energy you generate.

  • 3kW - 10kW Inverter Options
  • 2 MPPT's
  • 15.3kg
  • Compatible with BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM
GEN24 Datasheet GEN24 Datasheet
Fronius GEN24 Inverter Fronius GEN24 installationFronius inverter
Fronius SYMO Solar Inverter Installed Fronius SYMOFronius solar inverter installation

Fronius SYMO Three-Phase Solar Inverter

The transformerless, three-phase Fronius SYMO boasts a wide range of power categories from 3kW - 20kW. 

Fronius SYMO is designed for irregularly shaped, or multi-faced roofs, and with its high communicative features and detailed visualisation of feed-in management, SYMO is a top pick for us.

The Fronius SYMO can be integrated with battery systems, so you can store the excess energy you generate.

3kW - 20kW Inverter Options -
1-2 MPPT's -
IP 65 -
Compatible with BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM -

SYMO Datasheet SYMO Datasheet

Fronius Wattpilot Electric Vehicle Charger

Starting from $1,950*

We absolutely love the Fronius Wattpilot. It's a smart charger with various modes to best benefit you, and is 100% integrated with Fronius Inverters, meaning that it can charge your electric vehicle from solar. With its Eco Mode, owners can use cheap grid energy or solar to top their electric vehicle up.

The Fronius Wattpilot comes in both 11kW and 22kW options.

View Wattpilot View Wattpilot Wattpilot Datasheet Wattpilot Datasheet
Fronius Wattpilot EV charger Fronius Wattpilot charger installationFronius EV Charger

Fronius Tauro commercial inverter

Fronius Tauro

The Fronius Tauro is a three-phase, 50-100kW inverter, designed for maximum performance, even in the harshest conditions.
With its flexibility, the robust Fronius Tauro inverter makes large-scale PV systems even more cost-effective.

1-3 MPPT's
92 - 103 kg

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Fronius Ohmpilot Water heating

Fronius Ohmpilot

The Fronius Ohmpilot is a consumption regulator designed to use excess solar power to heat water.

Thanks to the continuously adjustable regulation from 0 to 9 kW, surplus PV current can be put to highly efficient use and fed to the consumers in the household.

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Who are Fronius?

Fronius is an Austrian company that specialises in the development and manufacture of inverters and energy storage systems for the solar energy market. They offer a range of solar inverters for residential, commercial and industrial applications, which convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used to power homes and buildings. The company's inverters are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and easy installation.

In addition to solar inverters, Fronius also offers a range of energy storage systems, including the Fronius Energy Package, which is a combination of a battery storage system and an inverter that allows customers to store excess solar energy for later use. The company also offers Fronius Smart Meter, a monitoring system that allows customers to track and manage their energy usage in real-time.

Fronius also provides a range of software and cloud-based tools that allow customers to monitor and optimise the performance of their solar systems, as well as connect to other smart devices and appliances in their home.

For 30 years, Fronius been developing innovative products, solutions, and digital tools to cost-effectively and intelligently generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy. Today their name stands for innovations that sustainably enrich the lives of private consumers as well as the businesses of their commercial customers with solar energy – true to their motto Energize your life

Why do we use Fronius products?

Reliability & Quality

Fronius has an excellent reputation for producing quality products that are reliable and built to last. With their industry knowledge, precision and durability are consistent throughout their large product line up.

Innovation & Design

Because of their constant innovation, Fronius is recognised as leaders in pushing technology to the limits and prompting minimal design elements in their products.

Integration & Range

Fronius products are cleverly designed to be 100% integrated with other Fronius products, as well as popular 3rd party products. Building complex systems can be made easy with Fronius' range and integration of products.

Trust Your Local Fronius Installers

Elite Power Group are here to help you in your energy journey by providing free consultation and quotes on all Fronius systems to allow your decisions to be easier. Trust your local Fronius installers in the Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter region.

*Prices include unit only. Prices are not indicative of final pricing as installations include many variables. Prices will vary.