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50 EV Chargers to be Installed on Power Poles Across NSW. Here's why..

Posted 31 Aug '22

Electricity Pole Ev Charging

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has announced that it will be supporting Intellihub with $870,000 in funding to install 50 Electric Vehicle chargers across NSW to be installed on electricity line poles, for Electric Vehicle owners without off-street parking. These include: Waverley, Woollahra, Lake Macquarie, Parramatta, Northern beaches, Singleton, Ryde, Inner West local councils, and Randwick.

Throughout NSW, Intellihub will install Electric Vehicle charging on electricity line poles, for Electric Vehicle owners that accommodate in town housing, apartments, or units that may not have access to off-street parking.

The $2.04 Million project is backed by Schneider Electric who are supplying the infrastructure of the EV stations, along with EVSE, who will be managing the projects charging service. These Electric Vehicle chargers are hoped to be useful for customers as an easy convenient way to top up their EV, or leave for an overnight charge, ready for the morning.

It was also announced that Origin Energy will match all the equivalent energy needed to charge the Vehicles with 100% GreenPower for the project, with renewable energy added to the grid. 

The aim for this project is to show and prove that there are no roadblocks between new and existing infrastructure. The existing infrastructure in this case are the already developed lines that already have power running through them. 

If this project is rendered successful, Intellihub plans to continue to develop this concept at a wider scale. 

Arena's CEO Darren Miller said power pole charging provided the perfect solution to increasing public EV chargers. "We look forward to seeing the result of the trial from Intellihub and hope to see it rolled out right across Australia."

Intellihub's CEO Wes Ballantine said: "It's expected that as many as 10% of new car sales in Australia will be electric vehicles by 2025. That equates to an extra 120,000 new EV's on our local streets each year. It's likely that many of these car owners may be unable to charge their EV's from home."

"Power poles line most of our public streets and that represents an opportunity for the EV charging market. They're an accessible, safe, and practical option for EV charging."

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