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How to know if a Solar Installer is Legit⚡Green Flags in 2024

Posted 23 Jan

Choosing the Right Solar Installer: Top Newcastle Solar Companies 2024


When on the search for the right solar company, how do you know which Newcastle Solar Installer to choose to install your panels? How do you know if they're any good?

It can be very daunting doing a simple google search and finding the hundreds of companies that appear as a result. Don't worry!
Here we will go through ways you can identify a quality company amongst the rest in 2024.

Reviews and Referrals

As obvious as it is, google and facebook reviews are a strong indication of whether a solar company in Newcastle is reputable, and a great place to see honest reviews from past customers. Not all businesses will have a 5-star rating, so we encourage you to read the reviews and replies to understand the reasoning behind each rating.

Understand the local presence of the solar installer by asking friends or family, or researching the company’s website or social media portfolios.

Elite Power Group Solar installer review newcastle
CEC accreditation approved solar retailer seller newcastle solar installer

Solar & Electrical Certifications and Licenses

When trying to find the right solar installer, certifications are the bare minimum in ensuring they are legit and are willing to work to Australian standards. Businesses that hold the appropriate qualifications and licenses such as CEC accreditation, NETCC/CEC approval, and electrical licenses are a great sign in terms of ensuring quality.

You can find certified solar installers through the New Energy Tech’s website, where companies that are listed all meet consumer protection standards for solar, battery storage, EV chargers, and more.

These are all very good indicators that the companies have gone through the official ‘hoops’ to ensure their processes and installation methods are up to scratch to meet some high standards.

In addition to certifications, the right solar installer should display expertise about equipment and all aspects of the solar installation process.

Transparent Quotation & Price Estimates

Any reputable solar company should provide upfront, and transparent quoting. Free quotation is a good sign that the business is willing to collaborate and consult with you on the right solution.

Solar systems can be upward of thousands of dollars, which for most Newcastle-based households represents a large investment, so it is important to ensure the investment is successfully planned, correctly processed, and installed by the Newcastle solar installer.

Solar installer quotation newcastle
Solar installation panel newcastle installer

Collecting multiple Quotes for Comparison

Comparing quotes from multiple Newcastle solar installers can give you an idea of a ballpark valuation of the installation costs, and you can gain context on where the average pricing sits, and context of each system design and cost.

Ensure that each quote outlines the cost for materials, labour, and permits. Be cautious of significantly lower quotes, as they might be a compromise on quality.

This context can help you find the best balance between quality and budget for your inquired system.

You can’t ask too many questions!

Some may feel invasive or annoying, but asking questions is a great way to understand the solar installer's decisions, and helps you gain understanding with context.

The reputable Newcastle or Maitland-based solar installer should be collaborative and accessible with information on system information and what the process is.

Researching elements such as product and labour warranty coverage and how long they cover can also help determine the longevity of your system installation. Depending on what system components are chosen, some can have warranties for up to 30 years and labour warranty will vary company-to-company. For context, Elite Power Group provide 10-year labour warranties on our installations.

Self-research on the designed system components can also provide insight of the overall quality and balance of the proposed system design.

Solar inverter installer newcastle
Electrician solar installer newcastle hunter

After Sales Service

Australian businesses with a customer-centric approach should be responsive, accessible, and willing to provide information about your system before and after installation.
Clear communication encourages a trustworthy relationship between the business and client with the emphasis on customer satisfaction for a smooth experience.

Identifying if a company provides after-sales service is important for those who want continual support of their solar system in case of any problems that may occur. You should feel free to contact the company who installed your solar panels for any post-installation support.


As you continue on your solar installation journey, keep in mind that your solar installer should display trustworthy attributes as your investment is valuable and should be completed properly. The experience should be made smooth and easy for any customer and job of any scale.

Including these considerations in your decision-making, should give you a better understanding on how to select the right installer for you that will align with you and your goals of installing a quality renewable system.

A well-chosen company shouldn't just do the bare minimum to get by, they should also exceed any expectations and be primarily focussed on providing the optimal solution for your property.

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