Wholesome Moment Between an Installer & His Old School

Installer's Return to School Sparks Conversations and Future Stardom

Last week's installation was a real "back to the future" moment for one of our installers, Llayton, who couldn't help but have a few flashbacks as he revisited his old stomping ground. 

Six years later, armed with qualifications as a top-notch electrician and CEC Solar installer. Instead of his regular spot outside the deputy principal's office, this time, he spent the majority of his time on the roof of his old school. 

With the assistance of his team of apprentices, Llayton tackled the task at hand with impressive dedication - installing a shiny new 64.3 kW solar system at Maitland Christian School. This state-of-the-art system boasts three Fronius Symo Inverters and 155 JA 415W Solar Panels. We are also trying to finalise the count of tennis balls retrieved; early reports have it in the triple figures. 

The inclusion of solar power in the school's plans has got Phil, the school's Groundsman, buzzing with excitement. But what made it even more special was the fact that a former student installed it. “it's always nice to see when students get educated, trained, and equipped and then come back and make a big contribution,” says Phil. And it doesn't stop here; the school is set on adding another 30, 40 kilowatts, with a new building on the horizon. They're aiming high for another 60 or 80 kW. 

As the video was being filmed, the staff at Maitland Christian School couldn't help but recognise Llayton, sparking some lively conversations. His return to the school grounds has caused quite a stir!

At Elite Power Group, we are proud to have participated in this heart-warming installation at Maitland Christian School. This project showcases the incredible skills of our installer, Llayton, and highlights the immense power of education, community, and sustainability. 🌿

To book Llayton or one of our installers, visit our website, or contact us:

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