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MyEnergi Zappi vs. Fronius Wattpilot | Solar EV Chargers

Fronius wattpilot verses the Myenergi Zappi ev chargers

Battle of the Solar EV Chargers: Zappi vs. Wattpilot

Zappi and Fronius have some of the most popular electric vehicle chargers in Australia. Along with the Tesla Charger, the Zappi charger and the Wattpilot have intrigued many EV owners by their good-looking specs and features, but which is the better solar EV charger?

If you’re tossing up between the Zappi and the Wattpilot, we have put together a side-by-side comparison of their features and usability, as well as the pro’s and con’s for both chargers. After a quick read, you should feel more confident on which charger is better suited to your situation.

Zappi EV charger Fronius wattpilot electric vehicle charging


Here is a summary of key specifications and features that both chargers offer.


MyEnergi's Zappi

MyEnergi Zappi ev charger solar

Fronius' Wattpilot (Go 11J, 22J, Home 11J, 22 J)Fronius wattpilot 11J ev charger

Mounting Location
Indoor and Outdoor, Wall or Post mount
Indoor and Outdoor, Wall or Post mount (Cannot be exposed to direct sunlight).
No Display
Connector type
6.5 m Type 2 Tethered Cable or Type 2 Untethered Options Untethered
Charging modes
Standard, ECO, Next-trip modes & Dynamic PV
Rated Output Power
Single & Three Phase
Single & Three Phase
Wi-Fi, APP
Wi-Fi, APP
282 x 439 x 122 mm (WxHxD)
155 x 287 x 109 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 3.3 kg (22 kW model) 1.82 kg (22 kW model)
IP Rating
IP 65
IP 65
Operating Temperature
-25° to +40°C
-25° to +40°C (without direct sunlight)
Solar Charging Yes Yes (Fronius Inverter only)
Security Pin lock, Anti-tamper socket lock RFID, Anti-tamper socket lock

In terms of electrical specifications, both chargers are pretty similar with the exception of some features like having a screen on the Zappi as opposed to the Wattpilot, and the Wattpilot being smaller in size.

Let’s talk about each charger and their range of models.


There are 2 versions of the Wattpilot, Go (11-22kW) and Home (11-22kW).

The home is designed to be permanently installed on properties, suitable for both indoor and shaded outdoor areas.

The go is designed for transportation whilst travelling. This version is detachable and offers both solar or grid charging if and when available at your location.

Wattpilot Go 11J 3.68 (1 phase)
11kW (3 phase)
Wattpilot Go 22J 7.36 (1 phase)
22kW (3 phase)
Untethered White
Wattpilot Home 11J 3.68 (1 phase)
11kW (3 phase)
Wattpilot Home 22J 7.36 (1 phase)
22kW (3 phase)
Untethered White

Note: The Go 11J is not in the AUS version of the datasheet.

Does the Wattpilot offer an APP?

The Fronius Wattpilot offers an app for easy visualisation and access to information of how your charger is performing, charging modes, and updating software easily. This app is available for both phones and tablets.

Can the Wattpilot charge from Solar?

Yes, the Fronius Wattpilot can charge directly from Solar energy with its dynamic load balance feature which allows the charger to optimally charge your electric vehicle in accordance with your home’s usage.


There are multiple versions of the Zappi charger, and it may seem confusing at first but when you see the table below, it will make more sense.

There are 8 versions of the Zappi charger, 4 white versions and 4 black versions. Within those 4 versions for each colour, there are an untethered and tethered option as well as the single or three-phase versions.

7kW (1 phase) Untethered
7kW (1 phase) Tethered
7kW (1 phase) Untethered
7kW (1 phase) Tethered
22kW (3 phase) Untethered
22kW (3 phase) Tethered
22kW (3 phase) Untethered
22kW (3 phase) Tethered

Does the Zappi offer an APP?

Yes, Zappi offer a free custom app where you can analyse live data from your charger, control modes, and allow you to control myenergi devices such as eddi, harvi and of course, the Zappi.

Can the Zappi charge from Solar?

Yes, the Zappi can charge from excess solar in the ECO and ECO+ modes. This allows the charger to utilise any excess solar energy and put it into your electric vehicle.

EV Charging Modes

Fronius Wattpilot Electric vehicle charger australia

Standard Mode

This is the standard charging mode and can be charged in increments with the push button and charges from both from excess solar and the grid.

ECO Mode
The charging mode designed for Solar system owners that want to charge their electric vehicle with solar if excess solar power is available.

Next Trip Mode
For those wanting to reliably charge their EV as fast as possible, or a specific amount, and it will calculate and intelligently charge to the required amount.

Fronius wattpilot 22kw ev charger australia

Zappi ev charger australia charging

ECO Mode
This mode is a solar based charging method and reacts to fluctuations in solar productivity and switches to grid energy if solar is not available.

ECO+ Mode
This mode is similar to ECO, but instead of switching to grid energy when solar energy is unavailable, the charger switches off and only continues when solar becomes available again.

This is their standard mode that will charge the vehicle as fast as possible.

Zappi 22kw ev charger charging

What Security does the Wattpilot have?

The Wattpilot can be secured with an approved RFID chip or card. The charger also consists of an anti-theft system for your type 2 charging cable, with a shackle and locking option available.

What Security does the Zappi have?

The Type 2 socket version (untethered) has a built-in locking system. The Zappi also can be secured by a 5-digit pin, which will need to be entered every time you use it. From what we can see, the Zappi does not offer an RFID system like the Wattpilot.

What are the Pro's and Con's of the Wattpilot?


  • Smaller than the Zappi charger.
  • Has RFID and can be set up with multiple users.
  • Seamless integration with Fronius products.


  • Both 11kW models can only charge at a maximum of 3.68kW on single phase, so to get the most out of your charger on single phase you will need to get the 22kW version which maxes out at 7.36kW.
  • The Wattpilot only charges with solar if you own a Fronius Solar inverter.
  • You will need to buy an additional charging cable as it doesn’t include one. (Untethered).
  • Only a 2-year warranty. (3 years with the Zappi).
  • Charger cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.



Zappi EV Charger Australia Installer

What are the Pro's and Con's of the Zappi?


  • Can work with any inverter.
  • LCD Screen (No screen on the Wattpilot).
  • 3-year warranty (+1 year more than the Wattpilot).
  • More style/functionality options (Colour and tethered options).


  • No RFID card or system, only a pin lock.
  • It’s bigger than the Wattpilot.
  • It's also heavier (3.3 kg vs. Wattpilot's 1.82 kg - both 22kW models).

Which one to get? Zappi vs. Wattpilot Ev Charger

We've looked at a summary and both of the products' details, but what do they have in common?

  • Both automatically switch between single and three phase.
  • Both can charge with Solar energy.
  • They both have products that cap at 22kW.
  • Both are the same IP rating (IP65).
  • The chargers can charge EV’s with solar at a minimum of 1.38kW, soaking up every bit of solar energy.

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Tesla wall connector gen 3 charger unboxing
Zappi ev charger unboxing video


So what now? How do you decide?

This decision will come down to a couple of things; budget, security, and size. The Zappi does not offer RFID functionality, and is bigger than the Wattpilot, however the Wattpilot is only compatible with Fronius Inverters and may not be compatible with your existing solar system.

Both chargers will charge with solar if that is your main goal, so it is up to you whether you value having something smaller, if you want a charger that you can unlock with a swipe, if 2-year warranty is too little, or if you're looking for more variety in styles and capabilities.

Is the zappi or wattpilot better? solar ev chargers

If you're still unsure on what charger you think would work best for you, we would love to talk to you about possible options and point you in the right direction or even book and installation with us, so we can get you charged and on the road.

Let's Chat Let's Chat  Explore Chargers Explore Chargers  Wattpilot Datasheet Wattpilot Datasheet  Zappi Datasheet Zappi Datasheet 

This article is a comparison and does not include any suggestion on which charger you should purchase. If you would to be consulted on which charger will be best for you, contact us and talk to our team.

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