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How to lower high energy bills solar independence

Over the last few months, we have seen a consistent rise in energy bills throughout the whole of Australia, including NSW residents in Newcastle and the Hunter region. People are seeing more than 20% increases on their energy bills, with retailers increasing their prices with no signs of relief anytime soon, if at all.

As we are all affected by these price increases, we are seeing more business and homeowners try to lower initial electricity usage in order to minimise the bill impact as much as possible, and many are exploring renewable energy options such as solar and battery storage.

If you're like us, you were also shocked by your latest energy bill and saw a huge increase in costs compared to your last bill.

Learn more on how you can minimise the impact and live anxiety-free knowing your bills are safe in a changing market.

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Before we look into Solar and Battery, there are other things that you can do to help minimise your energy bill.

Switch to energy-saving lighting

LEDs use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Heat or cool immediate rooms

Instead of trying to heat or cool the entire house, focus on the rooms that are in use.

Switching off unused devices

Turn off unused devices (fans, lights, computers, air conditioners, consoles etc.) to ensure no energy is being wasted.

Check you are with the Best Energy Retailer

Each retailer will have various plans for different suburbs, but you can check what the best plan for you is here.

High Usage Timing

When needed, use your high energy consumption appliances late at night or when energy is off-peak and at its cheapest. If you have solar, run during the day when you're generating solar energy.

Invest in energy efficient appliances

When buying new appliances, check the number of stars indicating the efficiency rating, more is better. Removing an old second fridge could save you up to $250/yr.

Every little effort counts - it all adds up. Learn more about the smaller strategies you can try for free

How to lower high energy bills solar independence


If you're feeling that no matter what you do that your bill isn't budging, you're not alone.

Even with the mightiest efforts to save every bit of energy, it sometimes just isn't enough to offset the rising costs. Solar and Battery solutions are becoming more and more attractive to business and homeowners, with better return-on-investment. As electricity costs more, the financial case of investing in solar and battery strengthens, savings are only increasing which speeds up your payback period.

It has never been a better time to become more energy independent.

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We genuinely believe that investing in Solar and Battery will save you money, even more as energy prices continue to rise - it's not too late.

We see our clients start to save on their bill from day one, and with the addition of Amber you can supercharge your investment.

If you would like to minimise your power costs as much as possible, we really recommend investing in your own independent energy system which consists of solar and a battery, giving you reliable and clean energy at all times of the day and night.

Solar Solutions Solar Solutions


History tells us since the 1970s power prices have only gone up, they don't come back down.

Whilst you can reduce your energy bill by applying the best energy usage practices, it can only get you so far, and you can do so much more. Solar is a great way to be powered by the sun instead of expensive grid energy.

When paired with a battery, solar energy can be used 24/7 making Bill Shock a thing of the past. Live comfortably, and experience the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.


There are multiple factors that individually make your payback period faster; higher energy prices making solar worth the initial cost, additional battery storage to take advantage of your renewable energy all day and night, and the use of Amber to take full advantage of your system by not only saving money, but turning your battery into a money-making ATM.


Even if you own solar, you may be impacted by the rising energy costs. Your solar may be working perfectly, but your energy usage may be at its highest when the sun is not out, resulting in expensive grid energy consumption.

This could be fixed in 2 ways:


Using your high energy-consuming appliances gradually through the day in order to soak up excess solar and cheap energy


Install a solar battery to be charged throughout the day and used at night and grid outages for complete energy security.

Home solar power renewable energy saving money

Maximise your Return

If you already have solar, you can maximise your returns with solar battery storage that can store sustainable energy harvested throughout the day, for times of peak-demand and high electricity prices.

This strategy makes you energy independent and less vulnerable to fluctuation and increases in energy market that can send your bill through the roof. Take control today.

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Turn Your Battery into an ATM

If you have a battery, another option is exploring Amber and how they can help you save, and in potentially even make money.

Traditional retailers sell electricity at a flat price, but all retailers buy electricity at the wholesale price. With Amber, you get access to this dynamic price, meaning you pay less when you use energy when it's greener and cheaper.

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What Now?

If you're unsure on what to do, or how much it will cost to truly minimise the impact, contact our team today.
We can walk you through your options with transparent pricing, and the optimal solution for your property and situation.

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