Zappi EV Charger: 7kW & 22kW EV Charging

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Zappi EV Charger Solar Newcastle

MyEnergi Zappi Charger Specialists

Elite Power Group are certified myenergi partners, helping Newcastle and the Hunter install Zappi chargers to boost the EV charging infrastructure across the region.

With over 20 years' experience in the electrical industry, you can be assured that your installation will be completed correctly and long-lasting.

We can help homes and businesses find the optimal location for their Zappi charger/s for the ultimate experience.

Zappi EV Charger

What is the Zappi EV Charger?

Zappi EV Charger is made by MyEnergi and was the first solar-charging-capable charger, allowing vehicles to charge their electric vehicles with complete renewable energy which costs nothing.

Zappi is an addition to the MyEnergi product line-up, with their other products like the MyEnergi libbi which is a modular home battery system. 

What are the Benefits of the Zappi EV Charger?

The Zappi charger is designed for ease-of-use and flexibility in its features.


By utilising the eco-friendly mode, Zappi allows EV's to be charged with solar energy, providing you free fuel.

Mode Flexibility

With its 3 modes, Eco, Eco+, and fast mode, you have options of how you want your Zappi to run to best suit you.

Smart Integration

Zappi has seamless, first-party integration with myenergi libbi, harvi, and eddi, for ultimate control.

Easy Installation

Zappi is flexible with installation arrangements, as well as complying with electrical regulations.


Using the MyEnergi app, users can control and monitor their MyEnergi devices like Zappi.


With access to updates, and solid out-of-the-box features, you can be assured this charger will last awhile.

Zappi EV charger

Zappi Charger Modes

Zappi is pretty cool with its modes. It provides flexible charging styles to fit different lifestyles.


Eco-mode consists of the mixture of renewable energy, as well as grid energy to charge an EV.
With the priority to minimise grid consumption, Eco-mode can charge your EV with 100% solar energy and will adjust according to your generation.

Eco+ Mode

Eco+ mode is similar to Eco-mode, but instead of using a mixture, it bases its charging rates depending on your generation and other property energy consumption.
If too much grid energy is being used, it will delay charging until renewable energy becomes available again.

Fast Mode

As you could probably guess, this is the 'charge as fast as possible' mode using any type of power available.

This will be the mode for customers who don't have solar. (We really recommend looking into getting some!)

We genuinely love Zappi and its features as it allows for the best experience possible in charging your electric vehicle. 

Timer Capability

Zappi has a 'boost timer' feature where it can initiate charging during off-peak periods for the cheapest energy consumption in the day.

No Earth Rod Needed

With its built-in PEN fault technology, it removes the need for any earth rods which means you spend less on your installation, and it's easier for us to install! Win-win!


If you're worried about security, Zappi allows for a 5-pin access code, so you can be assured that no one can change your settings or use your charger without permission.

Zappi EV Charging


7kW (1-ph) or 22kW (3-ph)


230V AC Single Phase or 400V AC 3-Phase


32A max



Charging Cable Length

Type 2 tethered cable (6.5 m) or type 2 socket with locking system


-25°C to +40°C


ABS 6 & 3 mm (UL 94 flame retardant)
Colours: white RAL 9016 and grey RAL 9006


439 x 282 x 122 mm


Single Phase Untethered: 3.0 kg
Single Phase Tethered: 5.5 kg
Three Phase Untethered: 3.3 kg
Three Phase Tethered: 7.2 kg 


50 Hz


Multicolour, according to charge status, current and user setting


Indoor or Outdoor (permanent mounting)

Zappi Charge your Electric Vehicle

Zappi Charger Datasheet

Explore Zappi's features and specifications, more in-depth. We think it's a great, feature-rich charger. Have a look for yourself.

Download Datasheet Download Datasheet
Zappi electric vehicle charger

Zappi Charger Model Variants

ZAPPI-207UW 7kW Untethered White
ZAPPI-207TW 7kW Tethered White
ZAPPI-207UB 7kW Untethered Black
ZAPPI-207TB 7kW Tethered Black
ZAPPI-222UW 22kW (Three Phase) Untethered White
ZAPPI-222TW 22kW (Three Phase) Tethered White
ZAPPI-222UB 22kW (Three Phase) Untethered Black
ZAPPI-222TB 22kW (Three Phase) Tethered Black

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