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Refer & Earn: Get up to $400 Each Solar & Battery Referral

Be rewarded for Every Successful Referral! Refer from 1/6/24 and Earn! T&C's apply.

Solar package with inverter

Refer a friend or family and Earn up to $400 in Rewards!

Elite Power Group are rewarding our customers who share the word of our energy solutions. Successful referrals can earn you up to $400 in rewards for each individual referral which doesn't cost anything for you! We want to allow our customers to feel loved for their efforts in bringing more people to our solutions. Your friends are our friends!

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Reward Tiers: How much Can You Earn?

By referring your friends and family for a solar and/or battery system, earn cash back in your pocket! Discover how much you can earn with your referrals below.

$150 Solar referral
$250 Solar referral
$300 Solar referral

$400 Solar referral
+$250 Solar referral
+$10 Battery referral

Use the simple calculator below to find out how much your referral would be worth. Remember that your referral may choose a different system, so your rewards may vary.

Earnings Calculator

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How does Referring Work?

It's a pretty simple process. Here's a summary:

Step 1:

After you have completed an installation through us, and it is finalised, we will send you a referral invite which will include your unique referral link and code.

This code and link are unique to you, so when first-time referrals sign up via that link, you get all the credit and rewards.

Step 2:

From here, you can share your link or code (or both) with your friends and family! This can be shared by text, email, or even shared on Facebook.

Remember: your referral must use the link provided OR provide the referral code BEFORE any quoting.

Step 3:

If your referral clicks the link and submits either form, our friendly team will get in contact with them and organise a site inspection to get the process started.
We'll provide free consultation and quoting so your friend or family feels no pressure and can decide the best option.

Step 4:

Once your referral has accepted the quote and successfully fulfilled the regular Elite Power Group installation process, and final payment has been received, Elite Power Group will send the referrer's reward within 28 days!
That's it! All you have to worry about is who you'll send the link to, and what you'll spend your rewards on!

To be Eligible,

You (the referrer/referee) must:

Be an Existing Customer

Be an existing Elite Power Group customer who has been invited to refer.

Complete a Successful Installation

Have successfully completed an installation with Elite Power Group.

Be First in, Best Dressed

Be the first referrer that a referral registers through.

Have Permission to Share

Have permission to send your link or code to your referral.

Your friend (the referral) must:

Be over 18, and a New Elite Power Group Customer

The referral must be over 18, and not an existing Elite Power Group Customer.

Produce Link or Code before Quoting

Register through or supply the referral code or link before any quoting begins.

Register within 3 Months

Proceed with the installation within 3 months of registering via the link.

Be within 50 km of Elite Power Group

Have an installation within 50 km of Elite Power Group.

Must not reside at the same address as the referrer

The referrer and referral must not live at the same address.

For all the terms and conditions, please read below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do Referrals Register?

Using the Sign-up Link to Register

You can simply click on the link supplied by the referrer/referred, and it will take you to a form where the referral can fill out their information.

The link used will automatically tell us how that referral came to Elite Power Group and no further action is required.

Using the Referral Code to Register

The secondary option includes every other method of contact. Examples of contact can be using the 'Contact us' form on the website, or a direct email.
In any of these methods, please include the Referral code provided by your referrer, or the name of your referrer somewhere and ensure the team knows about it BEFORE any quoting is initiated.

Using the Referral Code to Register

Other various methods can be used to contact Elite Power Group, such as; direct email, phone call etc.

However, if this method is chosen, the referral code MUST be revealed to the Elite Power Group team before any quoting begins to be eligible.

Refer a Friend Program Promotion Terms 

Updated 28/5/24.

Referral provider = referee/referrer/advocate
Referred contact = referral

These Refer a Friend Program Promotion Terms (“the Terms”) apply to any Refer a Friend Program (“Program”) run by Elite Power Group Pty Ltd (“EPG”) and by participating in the Program you and the person you refer (“Referred Customer”) agree that the Terms apply.  


Qualifying Referrals 

The referral provider must be an EPG customer and have explicit permission to join the program by EPG by means of invitation.* 

To be eligible for a Referral Bonus you must provide EPG with a Qualifying Referral.
There is no limit on the number of referrals you can provide. 

A Qualifying Referral is defined as a referral that satisfies the following conditions: 

  • The Referral must be a first-time customer of EPG. For the avoidance of doubt, you may not refer yourself to be the Referred Customer for example by using a different email address. Referrals that reside at the same address as the referee are not eligible for the program. 
  • A Referral may only be referred once to EPG. In circumstances where a Referred Customer is referred by more than one Referee, the first advocate will be chosen.
  • We recommend the Referral register either via the link from the referrer, or submit a 'contact us' form* and provide the referral code supplied from the referrer in the 'referral code' section of the form.  Both forms must be completed by the referral and not the referrer. Other various communication methods can be used, however, the referral code must be revealed to EPG before any quoting.

The Referred Customer must make at least one qualifying purchase from EPG: 

  • That is either a new solar power system and/or a new battery storage system that is installed by the EPG team.
  • That is fully paid for by the Referred Customer in accordance with EPG’s usual payment terms. 
  • That is within a period of 3 months from the date that the Referred Customer registers via the referral link. 
  • Any qualifying purchase must be installed at a location within 50 km of EPG’s office in Thornton NSW. 
  • You must be aged 18 years or older. 


  • EPG will verify the legitimacy of each referral before the reward is given and will contact eligible referees for payment.
  • Referee reward value is based on the final system size after final payment. If your referral initially enquired on a 20kW system but ends up selecting and paying for a 6.6kW system, your reward value will be based on the 6.6 kW system instead of the 20kW system.
  • The referral campaign general reward system is capped at $10,000. If your reward calculates to a number higher than $10,000, please contact our team and we can discuss further arrangements.
  • The Referral Bonus shall be paid via bank transfer and will be sent to your desired bank account within 28 days of the confirmation of full payment for the qualifying purchase. 
  • EPG will make every effort to ensure any referral link works correctly but are not responsible if a referral link is disrupted due to your, the Referred Customer’s, or a third party’s actions or failure to act in a way that could potentially disrupt the operation of the referral tracking technology, including using a defective computer or electronic device and/or an unstable internet connection. 
  • You agree that you will only provide referral links to people you know, and you may be interested in installing a solar and/or battery system.
  • EPG will ensure the referral is contacted in a timely manner. If the referral is unreachable due to incorrect contact details, EPG reserve the right to both delay and deny referrals at their discretion. EPG can choose not to initiate or proceed to purse any referral in the program

Bonus Earnings for Solar 

Tier 1: 5kW-9.9kW = $150
Tier 2: 10kW-14.9kW = $250
Tier 3: 15kW-19.9kW = $300
Tier 4: 20kW = $400 

Every Additional +10kW = $150 

Every kWh of Storage = +$10 

Important: the solar reward structure is prompted once a higher tier has been reached. For example, if a 19kW system is installed, the referee's reward remains $300 under the '15kW' reward as the 20kW tier has not been reached.
Non-tiered rewards accumulate for every additional 10kW of solar capacity and every 1kW of battery storage capacity respectively.

Reward Cap per Referral - $10,000 - Contact us for further reward information if your referral reward exceeds $10,000.


  • This referral program initiates on the 1/6/24, and all previous referrals before this date are not eligible for the program. 
  • EPG reserves the right to cease the referral program at any time at their own discretion. 
  • At the closure of the program, on-going referrals that have completed the quotation stage will continue to be eligible for a referral reward. Referrals that have not reached this stage will be disqualified, and no reward will be given. 
  • The referral program terms and conditions and reward structure values are subject to change at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to stay up to date the reward structure of your time of referrals’ registration.
  • The 'Earnings Calculator' is based on preset values. EPG reserves the right to overrule any calculations.

*The referral must use an approved method to display their referral code prior to any communication with EPG to be eligible. The referral can provide the code in one of two ways: one being automatically provided through the hyperlink, or entered in the ‘referral code’ section in contact us form through the EPG website (

† After the original customer's installation has been completed and final payment has been provided, the EPG team may produce a custom link and referral code and sent it to the client directly via email or text for them to share.