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BYD Battery Box Products

Our team have variety of experience in designing and installing BYD batteries for a range of solutions, including small batteries for residential buildings, to larger-scale buildings with large capacity battery systems.

Battery-Box Premium HV

In Newcastle, we offer the latest in battery storage solutions. BYD's High Voltage Modular (HVM, HVS, HVL) system is flexible and scalable. It consists of 3 to 8 B-Plus HVM 2.71 battery modules connected in series, providing a usable capacity of 8.1 to 21.7 kWh.

If you need more power, we can directly parallel connect up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium (HVM, HVS, HVL) systems, boosting your capacity to a solid 65.0 kWh. And the best part is, you can expand your system at any time by adding more modules or parallel stacks.

Battery-Box Premium HVS

  • 2 - 5 Modules
  • 5.1 - 12.8 kWh
  • Up to 3 racks totaling 38.4 kWh

Battery-Box Premium HVM

  • 3 - 8 Modules
  • 8.1 - 21.7 kWh
  • Up to 3 racks totaling 65 kWh

Battery-Box Premium HVL

  • 3 - 8 Modules
  • 12 - 32 kWh

Battery-Box Premium HVM australia newcastle
Battery-Box Premium LVS newcastle australia

Battery-Box Premium LVS

BYD's Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery pack, known as the Battery-Box Premium LVS, is designed to work seamlessly with an external inverter. Each Battery-Box Premium LVS can have 1 to 6 battery modules stacked in parallel, providing a usable capacity ranging from 4 to 24 kWh.

You have the flexibility to connect up to 16 Battery-Box LVS in parallel, creating a massive 256 kWh storage capacity. And remember, you're never locked in – you can easily expand your system by adding more modules or parallel towers of 1 to 4 modules whenever you need.

Battery-Box Premium LVL

Whether your project is small or large, the Battery-Box Premium LVL can adapt.

You can start with the Battery-Box Premium LVL15.4, offering 15.4 kWh of power, and expand whenever you need. With parallel connection of up to 64 batteries, you can achieve a substantial 983 kWh capacity. What's more, two LVL batteries can be stacked on top of each other for even more versatility, totaling 15.4 kWh.

Battery-Box Premium LVL storage newcastle

Energy Independence

BYD batteries are design for achieving energy independence for Australian households and businesses.

With their reliable energy storage solutions, owners can harness the power of renewable sources like solar panels, storing excess energy for use during cloudy days or peak demand periods.

This not only reduces reliance on the traditional power grid but also empowers individuals and communities to take control of their energy needs.

Backup Protection

BYD's advanced batteries offer robust backup protection to Australian homes and businesses.
In case of unexpected power outages or emergencies, BYD's energy storage systems seamlessly switch to battery power, ensuring that critical appliances and systems remain operational.

This backup capability provides peace of mind, especially during extreme weather events or grid disruptions. 

Universal Application

BYD's batteries are designed with versatility in mind, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from single homes to large commercial buildings across Australia.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to enhance your energy independence, a business owner aiming to reduce operational costs, or a large commercial building owner wanting lots of storage, we can help.

About BYD

Founded in February 1995, BYD is a dynamic high-tech company dedicated to advancing technology for a better quality of life. Over the past two decades, BYD has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its presence to encompass more than 30 industrial parks across the globe. This expansion has been pivotal in shaping industries such as electronics, automotive, new energy, and rail transit.

Battery-Box Premium HVM australia newcastle

Battery-Box Premium HVM

HVM is composed of 3 to 8 B-Plus HVM 2.71 battery modules that are serially connected to achieve a usable capacity of 8.1 to 21.7 kWh. 

Additionally, direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVM allows a maximum capacity of 65.0 kWh. Ability to scale by adding HVM modules or parallel HVM stacks at anytime.

Battery-Box Premium LVS installation newcastle battery

Battery-Box Premium LVS

LVS is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack for use with an external inverter. A Battery-Box Premium LVS contains between 1 and 6 battery modules LVS stacked in parallel and can reach 4 to 24 kWh usable capacity.

Connect up to 16 Battery-Box LVS 16.0 in parallel for a maximum size of 256 kWh. Ability to scale by adding LVS modules or parallel towers of 1 to 4 modules later.

Battery-Box Premium LVL battery storage maitland

Battery-Box Premium LVL

LVL is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for use with an external inverter. 

Start with Battery-Box Premium LVL15.4 (15.4 kWh) and extend anytime to 983 kWh using parallel interconnection of up to 64 batteries.

Two LVL batteries can be stacked in top of each other.

BYD Battery Storage in Newcastle, Maitland, and the Hunter regions

BYD Batteries are the perfect fit for the Newcastle and Hunter region, to be able to take full advantage of solar production at all times of the day, but not only for homes, but for large companies as well with large capacity energy storage systems.
As Newcastle embraces the transition to renewable energy, owners can take a further leap and invest in battery storage to fullfil the whole energy system. It not only enhances energy independence, but it allows property owners to take a greener perspective with their energy consumption.

If you are interested in BYD Batteries for your home or business and want to know more or order today, please contact us and we can get started!

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