Earn Up to $15/kWh and Accelerate your Battery's payback Period. Learn More

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An Energy Retailer & A Tech Company

Amber isn't just an energy retailer. They're a tech company with a mission to transition Australia to 100% renewable energy — by giving battery owners and everyday energy customers more control over their energy.

Feed in Tariffs up to $19/kWh

Amber gives customers access to the wholesale price of power and the smart battery tech to make the most of it. Get rewarded for using cheap renewable energy and automate your battery to buy low and sell high, with feed-in tariffs that can reach $19/kWh!

Boost Your Battery the Smart Way

  • Keep all the returns from your energy exports in the wholesale market - not just fixed credits
  • Make the grid work for you, accessing cheap renewables to keep your battery topped up
  • Gain more control over your battery and costs, with no lock-ins, a remote control for your battery, and a deeper data experience than ever before
Control my battery with Amber

Join the only energy provider that makes $0 on your energy usage and passes through 100% of your earnings - all for a $19 monthly subscription fee. Plus you get protection with Amber's Bill Guarantee.

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Amber solar savings

Maximise Value with Wholesale Feed-in-Tariffs

A plan created just for you.

Amber's SmartShift™️ technology looks at your energy consumption, solar generation, and wholesale prices, and optimises value for your solar whilst keeping your battery topped up with cheap, sustainable energy.

Get the Best FiT

Big energy companies earn a wholesale feed-in-tariff when they sell power into the energy market. Now you can get paid the same.

Top up with cheap, green energy

Keep your battery ready for anything by charging up from the grid when prices are low.

Charge, export, or preserve your battery

Control your battery to work how you want.

Automation that suits your needs

Select from two automation modes.

More in-depth insights

See everything that matters, including your battery's life plan, consumption, costs, and impact.

Accelerate Payback of your System

Take control of your energy, by consuming your own solar power using Amber for Batteries to maximise the benefits from your energy system.

With Amber's SmartShift™, you can:

Top up with cheap energy to minimise your bills

Set your savings on autopilot with three different optimisation settings

Manually charge and discharge

Turn SmartShift™️ auotmations on and off

Get in-depth insights into your energy consumption and storage

Integrate with a large variety of accepted battery brands

Elite Power Group + Amber

Elite Power Group are proud partners of Amber. With Ambers product in combination with a solar and battery system, customers can see a genuine improvement of their return-on-investment, which results in fast-tracked rewards.

A few of our own employees with compatible systems actually use Amber for their electricity provider. This confidence is only shared with our customers, but the Amber and Elite Power Group team. If you would like more information, please visit Amber's website.

Solar and Battery Systems Using Amber

We have installed a wide-variety of systems all over Newcastle, Maitland, and the Hunter. Here are a few systems that are currently using Amber and taking advantage of Smartshift™.

Trina solar panels in medowieSungrow 5kW inverter installation

Raymond Terrace 6.63kW Solar & Battery

17 x JA Solar 390W Solar Panel
1 x 5kW Sungrow 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter
1 x Sungrow 12.8 kWh Battery Storage

Trina solar panels in medowieTrina solar panels installationSungrow 5kW inverter installationSungrow 5kW inverter installation

Medowie 14.11kW Solar & Battery System

34 x Trina Vertex S 415W Solar Panels
2 x 5kW Sungrow Hybrid Inverters
1 x Sungrow 9.6 kWh Battery