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Here we explore and discuss Battery Storage. We talk about all things renewable energy but in the battery storage category we go through Australian energy storage primarily with some other additional articles. Happy reading!

Microgrids, VPP’s & DER’s?⚡Demand Response in Australia?

As Australia rapidly adopts solar and battery storage, another hidden industry is rapidly growing.. Microgrids and VPP's in Australia. What are Microgrids & VPPs?

AC vs. DC Electricity: What’s the Difference?⚡[Australia 2024]

AC is used in appliances like fridges, washing machines, lighting, and fans, whilst DC is used in electronics like phones, and it's also used in every type of battery.

Tesla Cybertruck, PW3, V2H, VPP: The Ecosystem Explained⚡

Tesla's innovating their ecosystem, with the release of Cybertruck, Powerwall 3, Virtual Power Plant, Powershare with Bi-directional charging for Vehicle-to-Home.

How Australia Reached 40% Renewables⚡[Q4 2023 Statistics]

In the new 2024 CEC report, they found that renewable contribution in the overall supply of energy in Australia, produced 40% of Australia’s total electrical supply.

Energy Bill Still High Even With Solar?⚡Here's Why.. [2024]

Solar owners may be receiving higher energy bills than expected. Why is my bill still high after solar installation? Why are my solar panels not reducing my bill?

Is Solar Worth it in 2024?⚡What you need to know

Is solar worth the switch in 2024? We believe so. 2024 holds many opportunities for properties to be powered by solar and to be reliant on sustainable energy.

How do Batteries & Capacitors Work?🔋Energy Storage

How do solar batteries work? Some might believe that they use magic, but let's walk through how they work in simple terms to help you better understand battery storage.

Your Business Is Missing Out. Here's Why.⚡Solar Energy [2024]

Businesses are not realising the full potential that battery storage can have when paired with solar. Commercial properties can benefit greatly from independence.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): The Ultimate Guide⚡[2024]

Discover how VPP's (Virtual Power Plants) are changing the way we produce, consume, and distribute energy throughout Australia through the use of networks.

Home Battery Storage Rebate & Schemes [2024]⚡Australia

Explore the latest battery storage rebates for home solar energy storage in Australia. Will there be a rebate? If so, when and how will the scheme work?

Tesla Powerwall 3: An In-Depth Look🔋PW2 vs. PW3? | 2024

Tesla Powerwall 2 vs. Powerwall 3 comparison. Let's closely look at the PW3's projected pricing, features, and availability and release in Australia.

Tesla Powerwall 3 🔋Price, Release Date, Availability Explained

After years of rumours, Tesla have announced the Powerwall 3 battery. Here's what we know about the price, release date and availability of PW3 in Australia.

The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage: Take Advantage of Your Solar⚡

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is becoming increasingly popular. One of the benefits of solar energy is that it can be stored in batteries for later use. This allows homeowners to reduce their energy bills by using stored solar energy during peak times when electricity rates are higher. Here's a closer look at the benefits of solar battery storage..

Why Batteries?

Everyone today who follows our quest for a rapidly electrified planet seems fascinated by batteries and what part they can play in the orchestra of renewable energy. Here's where Batteries play a part.

Up to 700mW Super Battery planned for Waratah

TransGrid, the elected network provider has been given official approval from the NSW Government to develop the Waratah Super Battery Transmission Infrastructure project, which will provide up to 700 megawatts of capacity, acting as the southern hemispheres largest standby network battery. More info..

New Generation of Battery: Solid State Batteries

As the popularity of Electric Vehicles and Battery storage systems rise, so does the demand for a more advanced kind of battery with a larger storage capacity, faster charging and more affordability.
Here's what's happening.



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