Renewable & Energy News: Hunter & Newcastle

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☀️More Solar Panels or Battery Storage? Which to Pick in 2024?

In 2024, solar owners may wonder if they should upgrade their solar system, vs. buy a battery. Which one should you buy in Australia in 2024, solar or a battery?

Bidirectional Charging & V2G is about to Change Australia...⚡

Though bidirectional charging isn't available, vehicle-to-grid is already turning heads in Australia with its potential to change energy consumption and distribution.

Power vs. Energy: What's the Difference?⚡[Easy Guide 2024]

What's the difference between Power and Energy? In simple terms, power is the force that moves objects, and energy is the force acting over a period of time.

Microgrids, VPP’s & DER’s?⚡Demand Response in Australia?

As Australia rapidly adopts solar and battery storage, another hidden industry is rapidly growing.. Microgrids and VPP's in Australia. What are Microgrids & VPPs?

AC vs. DC Electricity: What’s the Difference?⚡[Australia 2024]

AC is used in appliances like fridges, washing machines, lighting, and fans, whilst DC is used in electronics like phones, and it's also used in every type of battery.

How Australia Reached 40% Renewables⚡[Q4 2023 Statistics]

In the new 2024 CEC report, they found that renewable contribution in the overall supply of energy in Australia, produced 40% of Australia’s total electrical supply.

Energy Bill Still High Even With Solar?⚡Here's Why.. [2024]

Solar owners may be receiving higher energy bills than expected. Why is my bill still high after solar installation? Why are my solar panels not reducing my bill?

⚡On-Peak vs. Off-Peak Electricity: Time of Use vs. Flat Rate?

On-Peak & Off-Peak electricity is simply when the grid electrical demand is high or low. Explore peak periods and find the best time to use electricity in Australia.

Knowing When to Replace or Upgrade Your Solar Panels⚡[Tips]

So your solar panels are getting old. You're not sure whether to replace them or upgrade, how do you know when it's time? When should you replace your solar?

Single vs. Three Phase: What's the Difference?⚡[Australia]

The difference between single and three phase power in its simplest, is how each phase distributes an electrical load, with 3-phase being higher capacity.

Solar Panel Care 101: A Complete Maintenance Guide [2024]⚡

You own solar panels and would like to clean them. How do you clean and maintain your solar panels? Here are the Do's and Don't's on cleaning panels.

Choosing a Solar Installer: [Common Mistakes to Avoid]⚡2024

Having trouble finding the best solar installer in your area? Explore some tips and tricks on picking the right solar or battery installer and avoid making mistakes.

Solar Installations Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide⚡[2024]

Learn the solar installation step-by-step process of how solar panels are installed, and easily understand each step of installation so you can keep track.

Solar Rebates & Schemes: What's Available?⚡[NSW] 2024

What solar rebates and schemes are available for Australians to take advantage of in 2024? Explore government rebates and schemes in NSW for solar panels.

Is Solar Power Still Worth it in 2024?⚡Home Solar Australia

With aspects constantly changing, Australian's are wondering if solar is still worth investing in for 2024, and if owners will actually earn anything from solar energy.

How do Batteries & Capacitors Work?🔋Energy Storage

How do solar batteries work? Some might believe that they use magic, but let's walk through how they work in simple terms to help you better understand battery storage.

Your Business Is Missing Out. Here's Why.⚡Solar Energy [2024]

Businesses are not realising the full potential that battery storage can have when paired with solar. Commercial properties can benefit greatly from independence.

2024 is the Best Time to Invest in Solar.. here's why.⚡Time's Ticking!

Now is the best time to invest in solar panels.. here are 4 reasons why Australians should invest in solar energy before it's time runs out for 2024.

The National Electricity Market💡What is it?

The NEM or otherwise known as the National Electricity Market, looks after interconnecting the 5 states, as it is difficult to store and distribute electricity.

Agrivoltaics / Agrisolar: How Solar Improves Farming⚡[2024]

Agrivoltaics, also known as solar farming, is a concept that combines agriculture and solar energy production to allow for both food and energy production.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): The Ultimate Guide⚡[2024]

Discover how VPP's (Virtual Power Plants) are changing the way we produce, consume, and distribute energy throughout Australia through the use of networks.

Hot Water Systems & Heat Pumps⚡High Energy Bills?

The energy required to heat hot water is quite high and for most Australian households. Here are some strategies on how to save on your hot water heating bill.

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle Charger🔌

If you've just bought or a looking into an electric vehicle, chances are that you're interested in getting an EV Charger, but how do you prepare your home for one?

Home Battery Storage Rebate & Schemes [2024]⚡Australia

Explore the latest battery storage rebates for home solar energy storage in Australia. Will there be a rebate? If so, when and how will the scheme work?

MyEnergi Zappi vs. Fronius Wattpilot | Solar EV Chargers

What's the best Solar EV Charger? Zappi or the Wattpilot? We have put together a side-by-side comparison, including the pro’s and con’s for both EV chargers.

Solar is Exploding in Popularity in Newcastle, Why?

Rising energy costs have made many Newcastle homeowners begin to wonder whether solar is worth the investment, and if solar energy will make a difference.

⚡V2G, V2L & V2H Explained: Vehicle to Grid in Australia? 2024

Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Vehicle to Home (V2H), and Vehicle to Load (V2L) all involve bidirectional charging between electric vehicles, homes, and the grid in 2024.

Solar: Have I Missed the Boat? Too Late in 2023?

As the popularity of solar energy has exploded in the past decade, you might wonder if it is too late to invest in solar power, and feel like you've missed the boat. Well, is it worth it investing in Solar in 2023? Here's what we think..

A Fun Day at the EV Open day at Lake Macquarie

Our team attended the Electric Vehicle open day in Lake Macquarie hosted by Lake Macquarie City Council, and what a day! From all the fun events, to the informative aspects, everyone definitely got something out of the day.

Is Off-Grid Solar Worth it?⚡Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Energy

With the constant rise in energy costs, owners are considering going off-grid solar and battery, but is it worth it? Let's have a look.

Wholesome Moment Between an Installer & His Old School

Last week's installation was a real "back to the future" moment for one of our installers, Llayton, who couldn't help but have a few flashbacks as he revisited his old stomping ground. 👀

Elite Power Group appoints Dan Hansen as General Manager

Elite Power Group is proud to announce the appointment of Dan Hansen as its new General Manager. Dan brings 27 years of experience in the electricity industry and a wealth of knowledge.

Fronius Wattpilot Unboxing: Ready For The Future?

If you're an electric vehicle enthusiast, then you'll want to check out this unboxing of the Fronius Wattpilot Electric Vehicle Charger. This charger is designed to charge electric vehicles quickly and efficiently, so you can hit the road.

The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage: Take Advantage of Your Solar⚡

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is becoming increasingly popular. One of the benefits of solar energy is that it can be stored in batteries for later use. This allows homeowners to reduce their energy bills by using stored solar energy during peak times when electricity rates are higher. Here's a closer look at the benefits of solar battery storage..

How Artificial Intelligence Might Change the Solar Industry🧠☀️

Explore how artificial intelligence relates to the renewable energy industry and how it may change the way we produce, store, and distribute energy in Australia.

Ocular IQ Unboxing - What's inside?

We got the opportunity to unbox the Ocular IQ EV Charger! Here's what was inside..

Our Most Remote Installation Yet

This was one of our most remote installations yet....
We are very proud of our team and the work we do.
In particular, thanks to the team from School
Infrastructure NSW for letting us be involved in this

Why Batteries?

Everyone today who follows our quest for a rapidly electrified planet seems fascinated by batteries and what part they can play in the orchestra of renewable energy. Here's where Batteries play a part.

Huge Nuclear Fusion Milestone in the US

After many decades of nuclear fusion research, US scientists have taken a huge leap in harnessing fusion, which is a massive step forward in the direction of producing unlimited clean energy for our future.

After Delays, Tesla Announces their New Electric Semi-Truck

Tesla has once again dropped a bomb in the vehicle industry with a feature-rich Tesla Semi Truck. The Vehicle after many delays has finally been officially announced since the initial reveal in 2017.

Further Single-Use Plastic Bans for NSW

In addition to the June ban of plastic bag use, the NSW Government has banned the use of single-use items from November 1st.

Volt – Industry Leading Solar Tile Technology

Volt – Industry Leading Solar Tile Technology

Solar technology is continuously innovating with the announcement of the new Australian-engineered roof PV tile. This tile technology is said to produce the same amount of energy as regular panels, for a similar price of a higher-end installations. The tile is said to be competitive with standard panels with power productivity and efficiency.

Up to 700mW Super Battery planned for Waratah

TransGrid, the elected network provider has been given official approval from the NSW Government to develop the Waratah Super Battery Transmission Infrastructure project, which will provide up to 700 megawatts of capacity, acting as the southern hemispheres largest standby network battery. More info..

VIC Sets a $10 Million Solar Waste Incentive

The Andrews Labor Government has announced its $10 Million Solar Waste Incentive strategy to help the recycling process of Solar Panel waste.

Sundrive Solar Develops a New Copper Based Cell that reaches 26.41% efficiency.

Australian Start up Sundrive Solar has amazed the world once again with a new solar announcement! Here's more..
Photo credit: Sundrive Solar

50 EV Chargers to be Installed on Power Poles Across NSW. Here's why..

Intellihub has announced it will be installing 50 EV chargers located in areas without off-street parking in NSW.

Government Discusses Penalties on Carbon Emissions to push Electric Vehicles

Last week Chris Bowen (the climate change energy minister), officially announced plans to increase EV sales by imposing carbon penalties, here's more..

New Generation of Battery: Solid State Batteries

As the popularity of Electric Vehicles and Battery storage systems rise, so does the demand for a more advanced kind of battery with a larger storage capacity, faster charging and more affordability.
Here's what's happening.